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Intervertebral disc endoprosthesis with two prosthesis plates which are to be connected to the end plates of the relevant vertebrae, and with a prosthesis core which cooperates with at least one prosthesis plate via an articular surface permitting a rotational movement around the vertical axis, In o ...

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The surgical instrument set for the insertion of intervertebral endoprostheses, which consist of two stop plates and a sliding core to be arranged between them, is characterized in that it has spreading forceps (9) which have, at their front end on each spreading jaw (10, 11), an essentially U-shape ...

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A spreading forceps (9) which has, at its front end on each spreading jaw (10, 11), an essentially U-shaped recess surrounding one stop plate on three sides and gripping the edge, the thickness of the spreading jaws (10, 11) in the spreading direction being essentially identical to the thickness of ...

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Fixator for vertebra or bone fragments, with a rod and at least one pedicle screw which is to be secured thereon. The U-shaped head of the pedicle screw forms a receiving seat for the rod, which receives a fixing device for fixing the rod. The fixing device comprises a U-shaped clamping yoke whose l ...

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A bone plate arrangement consisting of a bone plate with at least one through-opening and a bone screw to be introduced into the through-opening. The bone screw is held in the bone plate by means of a sleeve, which can be fixed in the through-opening of the bone plate independently of the screw. The ...

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An implant, in particular an intervertebral endoprosthesis, with a connection plate (

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A surgical chisel is formed by a flexurally rigid chisel shank and a thin, elongated chisel blade fixed at its front end, which are both displaceably guided in slideways in a chisel guide, which lends the chisel blade buckling resistance.

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An acetabular cup is supported by a pelvic bone and includes an outer surface which rests in a cavity, and a bearing surface which receives an articular body of an artificial hip joint and bounded in surrounding relation by a receiving edge. The receiving edge is provided at least at one area with a ...

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An intervertebral prosthesis, in particular for the cervical spine, includes a first cover plate to be connected to a first vertebral body, a second cover plate to be connected to the second vertebral body, and a prosthesis core which forms an articulation with the second cover plate. The prosthesis ...

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A multi-part intervertebral endoprosthesis includes a top closure plate, a bottom closure plate, a sliding core between the closure plates, each closure plate having a pair of receiving openings or projections, and an insertion instrument which has a handgrip area and a gripping area with retention ...