Armstrong Henry P: Drawer extensible slide chassis. Wegner Stellman McCord Wiles & Wood, August 26, 1975: US3901564 (52 worldwide citation)

A drawer extensible slide chassis, of which opposite hand units are adapted for attachment in mirror image to the interior of a desk pedestal or a filing cabinet, and to the sides of a drawer. The chassis comprises: a case attachment rail of channel profile, a drawer attachment rail of channel profi ...

Armstrong Henry P: Shower curtain edge retainer. Diach Products Incorporated, Wegner Stellman McCord Wiles & Wood, April 29, 1975: US3879806 (29 worldwide citation)

A shower curtain edge retainer for holding a marginal edge portion of a hanging shower curtain in contiguity with a bath cove wall, to prevent shower water spray from splashing outwardly between the shower curtain and the wall. The device includes a wall attachment bar which is vertically affixed to ...

Armstrong Henry P: Window hinge. Truth Incorporated, Hofgren Wegner Allen Stellman & McCord, March 19, 1974: US3797169 (24 worldwide citation)

A hinge for pivotally supporting a window sash for angular opening and closing movement relative to a window frame, including first and second links pivotally mounted on the window frame and pivotally connected to the window sash, a friction device slidably mounted on the window frame independent of ...

Armstrong Henry P: Roller assembly. Truth Incorporated, Wegner Stellman McCord Wiles & Wood, July 30, 1974: US3826044 (8 worldwide citation)

A roller assembly for a sliding closure which is a self-contained unit for simple insertion into the frame of a sliding closure and wherein the roller is carried by a pivotally-mounted arm yieldably urged outwardly through an opening in the frame. The inward limit position of the roller can be adjus ...