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A frequency-locked torsional scanner of the type having a micromachined mirror formed on a surface of a silicon wafer section supported within a larger wafer section by a pair of opposed torsion bars. The principal vibrational frequency of the mirror is selected to be at least 20% higher than other ...

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A percutaneous agent delivery or sampling device comprising a sheet having a plurality of microblades for piercing the skin for increasing transdermal flux of an agent. The microblades having a relatively sharp angled leading edge which transitions to a relatively gradually angled blade edge.

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A confocal measuring microscope including a spectrometer and autofocus system sharing common optical elements in which the intensity of light entering the spectrometer from a particular spot on a workpiece is used to determine a focus condition for the same spot. The microscope includes at least one ...

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An agent delivery or sampling device (2) comprising a member (6) having a plurality of blades (4) for piercing the skin and a connecting medium (65) covering at least a part of the skin contacting side (48) of the member (6) for increasing transdermal flux of an agent.

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A microactuator (32) of an implantable hearing aid system (10) is secured within a casing (50) implanted into a fenestration (52) that pierces the promontory (18) of the otic capsule bone (31). The casing (50) includes a hollow sleeve (62) that has an outer surface (64) and a first end (66) that is ...

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A particle detection on a periodic patterned surface is achieved in a method and apparatus using a single light beam scanning at a shallow angle over the surface. The surface contains a plurality of identical die with streets between die. The beam scans parallel to a street direction, while a light ...

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A surface inspection apparatus having multiple inspection stations to inspect a wafer for a number of characteristics. The wafer is placed on a chuck connected to a rack-and-pinion or equivalent system so that the wafer simultaneously rotates and translates under the fixed position of the inspection ...

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Two torsion bars project from a reference member to support at least one plate or frame-shaped first dynamic member for rotation about an axis of the torsion bars. In one embodiment, a frame-shaped first dynamic member and a second pair of torsion bars, oriented non-parallel to the first torsion bar ...

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An apparatus used to inspect patterned wafers and other substrates with periodic features for the presence of particles, defects and other aperiodic features in which a spatial filter placed in the Fourier plane is used in combination with either broadband illumination, angularly diverse illuminatio ...

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A beam (38) of electromagnetic radiation deflected by a moving mirror plate (56) of a micromachined scanner (54) produces a two dimensional ("2D") raster (132) on a scanned surface (28) of a block (34). The block (34) is transparent to electro-magnetic radiation of pre-established wavelengths. A rad ...