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A fluidized bed heat exchanger in which air is passed through a bed of particulate material containing fuel disposed in a housing. A steam/water natural circulation system is provided and includes a steam drum disposed adjacent the fluidized bed and a series of tubes connected at one end to the stea ...


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A loudspeaker horn for use with an acoustical driver has a rectangular throat opening with a long dimension relative to the wavelength of the sound pressure waves generated within the high frequency range of the horn. A relatively short pre-load chamber corrects the phase of the sound pressure waves ...


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A system for coating a stent includes a device for weighing a stent, a device for aligning the stent with a stent support, a device for coating the stent, a device for drying the stent, and a device for inspecting the stent.

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Includes at least one floating body (1), and is characterised in that includes a device (2) fitted inside said body (1) for transforming the movement of the floating body (1) into pneumatic or hydraulic energy and means for transmitting the energy to dry land or to a fixed structure. An energy-gener ...

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A system and method of aligning a stent with a stent support involves taking two images of the stent that has been placed on the stent support and determining from the two images whether the stent is aligned with the stent support. The stent can be rotated so that the two images are of different vie ...

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A system for drilling a borehole according includes a drill rig and a control system. The control system receives information from the drill rig that relates to at least one drill parameter. The control system processes information relating to the drill parameter, determines whether the drill parame ...

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An improved oscillator test structure is disclosed. A structure according to one embodiment includes an odd plurality of first transistor pairs formed on a predetermined area of a semiconductor substrate. The transistor pairs are electrically connected in a serial ring. The structure also includes a ...

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A fin assembly for adjustably coupling a fin (2) to a board (16). The fin assembly includes a fin having a base (6), the base including a substantially semicircular portion (13) and a front tip (12). The fin assembly also includes a fin box (1) adapted to be attached to a board, the fin box having a ...