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Liquids containing microorganisms, macromolecules or finely-divided solid matter in a liquid are filtration-concentrated by movement of the liquid containing such particles through an elongated tubular channel having membrane filters, as walls thereof, with flat surfaces and pore diameters between 1 ...

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A novel two-stage submerged fermentation process for producing vinegar with an acetic acid concentration of more than 15% is disclosed. In the first fermentation stage, the total concentration (i.e. the sum of the alcohol and acetic acid concentrations) increases from a starting level between 12 and ...

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A control arrangement for a two-stage submerged vinegar fermentation process for producing vinegar with a high acetic acid concentration of more than 15% is disclosed. The fermentation system includes a main fermentation tank and a secondary fermentation tank, a connecting line with a shut-off valve ...