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The invention relates to a conditioning circuit that measures operating points of a power supply to deduce therefrom the current-voltage characteristic thereof and to determine directly the voltage corresponding to its maximum power point, without using any kind of tracking algorithm that causes the ...

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A circuit for regulating a parameter by means of a bidirectional current chopper structure suitable for transferring energy from an input network to an output network via the bidirectional current chopper structure, the current flowing through the structure being in the form of a triangular wave. Th ...

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A circuit for regulating an electrical parameter to be servo-controlled by transferring electricity between two networks (11, 12), wherein the circuit (10) is a bidirectional current circuit providing electrical isolation between the two networks (11, 12). The circuit is particularly applicable to s ...

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A power supply module for control electronics of a DC motor, the module comprising a power cell of the stepdown type controlled as a function of peak current, the current flowing in both directions, and the module including a bridge stage likewise capable of passing current in both directions and in ...

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A synchronized electric modulator for the control in synchronized conductance control mode of a regulation unit, thereby to assure a close control of the current peak value. A current reference is generated which varies as a function of a command signal representing the deviation of a parameter valu ...

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A method of controlling a chopper regulator, which method is a time-varying parameter-regulation method having a very wide passband and controlling energy at each instant, in which the stable state of the system at the following sample is predicted, thereby making it possible to achieve regulation u ...

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The present invention relates to an electrical energy regulator system for a power supply bus, the system including:

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The charging control system for a battery of rechargeable electric storage cells, and in particular for a lithium battery, including cells connected in series which are adapted to be connected to a common electrical power supply. The system includes individual cell charging control units each of whi ...

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Disclosed is a method for producing a hemocompatible article. A non-thermally stabilized polytetrafluoroethylene membrane comprised of non-oriented fibers is heated to a temperature of around 400° C. and above the gel point of the polytetrafluoroethylene, while the membrane is being applied against ...

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A device for connection between a heart prosthesis and a person's natural auricles includes a structure for joining to the natural auricles with individual suture attachments mounted so as to be free in rotation and movable.