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An organopolysiloxane photoinitiator having an average of at least two siloxane units, of which at least an average of one siloxane unit per organopolysiloxane molecule has the formula:

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An improved stereolithography method for building a three-dimensional article including the steps of patternwise curing successive layers of a bath of curable liquid resin formulation until the article has been completely built up, removing the article from the liquid resin bath and then post-curing ...

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A polymer dispersed liquid crystal composite prepared from: (1) at least one multifunctional electron-rich alkene that does not undergo appreciable homopolymerization and is selected from the group consisting of (a) vinyl ethers and vinyl sulfides; (b) keteneacetals, ketenethioacetals and methylene ...

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Polyorganosiloxane polymers which include at least one group of the formula: ##STR1## where R.sup.1 is an organo group; R.sup.2 is alkylene or alkenylene; G is a n+1 valent hydrocarbon, oxyhydrocarbon or poly(oxyhydrocarbon) radical in which some or all of the hydrogen atoms may optionally be substi ...



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A method of forming liquid crystal alignment layers of high tilt angle, said method comprising preparing a polymeric film of a monomer of the formula IV: ##STR1## wherein X and Y are strong electron withdrawing groups, optionally substituted with or containing Si or Ti, and A is --H or --CH.dbd.CH.s ...

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Polyorganosiloxane photoinitiators containing aryoyl formate photomoieties bonded to silicon atoms via non-hydrolyzable Si-C bonds. They may be prepared from alkenyl or alkynyl aryoyl formates and polyorganosiloxanes containing silicon hydride groups via hydrosilation. They are effective photoinitia ...

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A treatment method for polythiol compounds used in thiol-ene formulations, especially formulations employing norbornene resins, significantly improves cure speed retention on aging of thiol-ene formulations which include hydroxylamine salts, such as N-nitrosoarylhydroxylamine aluminum salts, as shel ...