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An improved method is presented for the deposition of dielectric films in the fabrication of integrated circuits (ICs), wherein a solution of polymers derived from cyclosilazanes is employed to deposit dielectric films on semiconductor substrates by the spin-on technique. These spin-on films planari ...

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Fluorocarbon compounds of the formula ##SPC1##Wherein R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 are F, fluoroalkyl or fluoroalkylene groups forming a cycloaliphatic structure, wherein --(CZ.sub.1 Z.sub.2 --CZ.sub.3 Z.sub.4)-- and --(CX.sub.1 X.sub.2 --CX.sub.3 X.sub.4)-- are bifunctional groups wherein Z.sub.1 --Z.sub.4 ...

Anello Louis Gene, Sweeney Richard P: Perfluoro cycloalkyl acrylates. Allied Chemical Corporation, March 27, 1973: US3723507 (5 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to novel fluorinated acrylic monomers and polymers thereof and also to a novel method or approach for preparing certain of said monomers and polymers, together with the provision of certain novel intermediates produced thereby.

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Tertiary amine sulfamic acid salts of polyfluoroisoalkoxyalkyl carbamates characterized in that the polyfluoroisoalkoxyalkyl moiety has an ether oxygen linking a fluorinated carbon atom attached to two fluoroalkyl groups and at least one --CF.sub.2 --group. These compounds are useful to impart oil r ...

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The invention relates to novel urease inhibited fertilizer compositions containing urea and a urease inhibiting amount of phosphoro compounds, and methods and composition for inhibiting the activity of urease through use of such compounds.

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Phosphorus triamides or their polymers are described as phosphorus dopants adapted to be spun-on to a semiconductor substrate and used in integrated circuit manufacture. Sheet resistivities of 4 to 13 ohms per square are obtained at low weight loadings in 1 hour, 1000 DEG C diffusions. The polymer ( ...



Anello Louis Gene: Conversion of hexafluorothioacetone dimer into hexafluoroacetone.. Allied, December 15, 1982: EP0066678-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The production of hexafluoroacetone by contacting, in the liquid phase, hexafluorothioacetone dimer with at least a stoichiometric amount of an aprotic solvent selected from the group consisting of dimethylacetamide, dimethylformamide, dimethyl sulfoxide and N-methyl pyrrolidone and at least a catal ...

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A process for the preparation of perhaloalkanoyl chloride is disclosed which comprises reacting 1,1,1-trichloroperfluoroalkane, with a sulfur trioxidecontaining compound selected from the group consisting of oleum sulfur trioxide and stabilized sulfur trioxide in the presence of catalytic amounts of ...