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Composés de formule générale : dans laquelle R, R1 et R2 sont définis dans la description. Les composés de formule (1) sont utiles dans le traitement de désordres de système nerveux central.

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L'invention concerne les dérivés de formule générale (I) : dans laquelle Ar', R1, R2 sont tels que définis dans la description. leurs isomères, diastéréoisomères, épimères, et leurs sels d'addition à un acide ou à une base pharmaceutiquement acceptable. Médicaments.

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O-Aryl methyl N-acyl or N-thioacyl hydroxylamine derivs. of formula ArCH2ON(R1)C(=X)R2 (I), their enantiomers and diastereoisomers are new. X = O or S; R1 = H, alkyl, cycloalkyl, cycloalkylalkyl, aryl, or arylalkyl; R2 = R21 or R22; R21 = H or alkyl, alkenyl, alkynyl, cycloalkyl or cycloalkylalkyl a ...


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Construction or renovation material production comprises mixing lime binder (4), water (5) and hemp aggregate. Construction or renovation materials are produced by mixing a lime binder (4) with water (5) and hemp aggregate (6) material formed from hemp plants (9) after root removal. An Independent c ...

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The invention relates to a product for coupling, by means of a bridging agent, between a carrier molecule and a hapten, whose skeleton contains at least one ring and has an unsubstituted exocyclic amino group. This coupling product is useful as immunogenic substance which makes it possible to obtain ...