Shara S Shoup, Andrew T Hunt: Processing line having means to monitor crystallographic orientation. Alfred H Muratori, Microcoating Technologies, January 30, 2003: US20030021885-A1

Apparatus for continuously moving a substrate and coating the substrate with a crystalline coating has at least one means for monitoring the crystalline orientation of the coating, either continuously or periodically.

Andrew T Hunt, Jan Tzyy Jiuan Hwang: Selective area deposition and devices formed therefrom. nGimat Co a Georgia Corporation, nGimatCo, Microcoating Technologies, March 6, 2008: US20080057687-A1

Patterned thin film layers (12) are applied to a substrate (10) surface by masking selective areas of a substrate surface, e.g., with a printed pattern (11) of a material such as an oil, and vapor-depositing thin film material. The masking material is subsequently removed.

Andrew T Hunt, Miodrag Oljaca: Carbonaceous Materials. nGimatCo, Microcoating Technologies, August 14, 2008: US20080193763-A1

The present invention is directed to the formation of unique carbonaceous materials and a new segregated manufacturing business of carbonaceous material. In particular, the invention is directed to using a flexible reactor (1) in which spray or vapor can be used to form carbonaceous materials (28) a ...

Mark Batich, Andrew T Hunt, Miodrag Oljaca: Narrow diameter needle having reduced inner diameter tip. Alfred H Muratori, Microcoating Technologies, January 27, 2005: US20050017099-A1

Tubular needles have a reduced inner diameter tip portion that increases back pressure behind the tip portion. This constricted tip portion promotes improved atomization, particularly when the liquid passes through the needle at near-supercritical conditions. A preferred method for constricting the ...

Paul L Smith, Peter W Faguy, Andrew T Hunt, Charles McKendrie Quillian V, William John Dalzell, Frank C Witbrod, Stein S Lee, William Harm, Yadlyne Smalley, Mark Batich, William Hoos: Fuel cell membranes and catalytic layers. Alfred H Muratori, Microcoating Technologies, August 10, 2006: US20060177572-A1

To form an ionomer-based catalytic layer on a porous substrate, a heat source (40) is used to dry an ionomer-containing spray (46) so that it does not substantially liquid flow on the substrate (14). The ionomer spray (46) may contain a catalyst. A spray (46) of mixed material for forming the cataly ...

Andrew T Hunt, Mark G Allen: Tunable capacitors using fluid dielectrics. Alfred H Muratori, Microcoating Technologies, November 2, 2006: US20060245140-A1

Capacitors 10, 20, 40, 50, 70, 80) having a fluid dielectric material that is transported or undergoes a phase change are disclosed. The dielectric medium change results in a change in the total dielectric constant of the material between the electrodes (12, 14, 72, 74, 81, 82), thus changing the ca ...

Andrew T Hunt, Robert E Schwerzel, Yongdong Jiang, Zhiyong Zhao, Todd Polley: Electronic and optical devices and methods of forming these devices. Alfred H Muratori, Microcoating Technologies, October 12, 2006: US20060228064-A1

Electronic and optical (or photonic) devices with variable or switchable properties and methods used to form these devices, are disclosed. More specifically, the present invention involves forming layers of conductive material and dielectric material or materials with varying conductivity and indexe ...

Andrew T Hunt, Wen Yi Lin, Richard W Carpenter: Nanolaminated thin film circuitry materials. October 14, 2003: US06632591

Nanolaminates are formed by alternating deposition, e.g., by combustion chemical vapor deposition (CCVD), layers of resistive material and layers of dielectric material. Outer resistive material layers are patterned to form discrete patches of resistive material. Electrical pathways between opposed ...