Abraham J Domb, Alain Shikani, Andrew S T Haffer, Manoj Maniar: Anti-infective and anti-inflammatory releasing systems for medical devices. Leonard Bloom, Leonard Bloom, April 30, 1996: US05512055 (258 worldwide citation)

Devices are provided having a polymer coating incorporating compounds inhibiting inflammation and infection, along with subsequent tissue growth onto and around the device. Preferred embodiments include catheters, tubes, and implants that abut tissue following implantation into the body, especially ...

Abraham J Domb, Manoj Maniar, Andrew S T Haffer: Biodegradable polymer blends for drug delivery. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Arnall Golden & Gregory, July 6, 1999: US05919835 (12 worldwide citation)

Blends of polymers having properties distinct from the individual polymer components and that are suitable for use as carriers of pharmaceutically active agents, are prepared from two or more polyanhydrides, polyesters or mixtures of polyanhydrides and polyesters. The blends have different propertie ...

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