Andrew Moore Ziegler, Leon G Palm: Mosaicing documents for translation using video streams. Google, Fish & Richardson P C, November 25, 2014: US08897598

Aspects of the present disclosure propose techniques for reconstructing a document mosaic using video streams of the document. The streams provide information identifying a layout that relates sequential frames of a video to each other. Once the streams are captured using a mobile device, it is then ...

Bryan Yunker, Andrew Moore, Robert Pauley: Transceiver mounting adapters. JDS Uniphase Corporation, November 13, 2007: US07293997

A transceiver adapter is provided that includes a substrate, including electrical contacts on a first side thereof for electrically contacting a transceiver, and electrical contacts on a second side thereof for electrically contacting a printed wire assembly. A transceiver adapter is also provided t ...



Nathan Allen Pack, Levi Thomas Rupert, Jacob Marc Robinson, Dilip Bam Malla, David Weston Richardson, Sean Andrew Moore, Joshua Lindmark, Anton Edis Bowden: Sterile drapes for X-ray devices, systems containing the same, and methods for using the same. GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY, March 29, 2016: US09295521

A sterile drape for a C-arm X-ray device includes a slide rail assembly configured to be connected to a C-arm of an X-ray device that extends from a lower portion of the C-arm to an upper portion of the C-arm. The sterile drape further comprises a sterile drape assembly comprising a length of compli ...