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A computerized system and method for viewing a set of voxel data on a display device attached to a computer is disclosed. In one embodiment of the invention, the computerized system has a number of different components. A retrieve data set component retrieves the set of voxel data, the set of voxel ...

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Variable length data (e.g., for hospital patients) is embedded in a B-tree type index structure of a relational data base. A logically related inverted B-tree index is used to access the original index. Access time, and storage space for the inverted lists, are decreased by data compression techniqu ...

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A shaped toy includes a kinetically resilient central core and an outer layer of varying thickness covering the central core. The outer layer may be a material which also exhibits kinetic resiliency, to a degree more or less than that of the core, or, alternatively, be substantially non-resilient, s ...