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Video communication systems and methods for operating the same are provided with the method determining privacy settings for a video communication event; establishing a video communication link with a video communication system at a remote site; capturing video images of a field of view of at least ...

Andrew F Kurtz, Andrew C Blose, Michael A Marcus: Enhanced safety during laser projection. Eastman Kodak Company, Kevin E Spaulding, October 16, 2012: US08290208 (39 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to systems and methods that provide enhanced eye safety for image projection systems. In particular, the instant invention provides enhanced eye safety for long throw laser projection systems.

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Various embodiments of the present invention pertain to the organizing of digital content by events, so that retrieval of such digital content in a manner meaningful and logical to users is achieved. In this regard, an event may be defined at least by event boundaries, such as a span of time, a geog ...

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A method of automated videography, in which video images of at least one subject in a local environment are acquired using an automated videography system to capture video images using one or more cameras during a videography event of one or more video scenes; applying current video capture settings ...

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A method for framing subjects captured on video includes receiving video of a subject and determining a current shot framing of the subject. A magnitude and a direction of movement of the subject is determined, relative to the current framing and a level of motion threshold. The subject movement is ...

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Various embodiments of the present invention pertain to determining presentation effects for a sequence of digital content records based at least upon a comparison of environmental conditions in which the digital content records were captured. Examples of such environmental conditions include time-d ...

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The present invention discloses a method and system that automatically analyzes digital images containing people or objects to generate derived data from the images including non-imaging numerical data and text data. The image content of the digital image can then be destroyed and the derived data c ...

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In a computer-mediated method for providing representative images, image records are classified spatio-temporally into groups. In each group, image records are partitioned into clusters and the hierarchically highest cluster is ascertained. The partitioning is between a hierarchy of feature clusters ...

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Pre-image-acquisition information is obtained by a digital camera and transmitted to a system external to the digital camera. The system is configured to provide image-acquisition settings to the digital camera. In this regard, the digital camera receives the image-acquisition settings from the exte ...

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A method of producing a digital stereoscopic image using a processor is disclosed. The method includes providing a plurality of digital image files which include digital images and the time of capture of each image and using time of capture to identify candidate pairs of images. The method further i ...