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A learning system maintains an account of a student's information, courses, skills, and qualifications. The student may take courses offered by the learning system online or offline. To take a course offline course information is downloaded to an offline player at the student's location; however, th ...

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A course editor includes an input to accept author commands. An interface processes and displays the author commands to facilitate the creation of a course. The interface may include a workspace to display and assemble the structural elements into the course. The workspace may include a menu of stru ...

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Disclosed herein are systems and techniques to provide for batch processing of wizards. In general, the techniques may include a computer-implemented method that comprises presenting a wizard to a user to perform a step-by-step process, with each step associated with a step type and the step type be ...

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A repository manager and copy editor may be used to create an offline course, which allow learners to process course material locally on their computer without the need to connect to the e-learning system. A generic packaging list is created when the course is offered offline. A specific packaging l ...

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A method for versioning learning objects comprises identifying learning content, which includes a plurality of learning objects, for storage in a content repository. Each learning object comprises or contains at least one content file. The method then includes comparing first version information of ...

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An example method for time-out handling comprises establishing a session from a network-based application at a client to a web server. The method includes identifying a time-out parameter for the web server. A timestamp of the established session is saved at the client. The method also includes dete ...

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A computer-implemented method to resolve errors pertaining to a computer-based application includes automatically determining whether input to resolve an error, pertaining to the computer-based application, exceeds a level of complexity. If not, then the error is presented to a user in conjunction w ...

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A method for changing learning strategies includes presenting a training course to a learner in order based on a learning strategy. A disparate learning strategy is received from the learner specific to the training course. The disparate learning strategy is applied to the training course. The train ...

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A method for managing visibility of GUI components in an application includes initializing the application and invoking a visibility manager. A user interface of the application is then displayed wherein display of the GUI components are determined by the visibility manager.

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A method for optimizing dependencies for a set of objects includes: automatically detecting dependencies among a set of objects, where each of the objects in the set includes at least one linkable file; adding the detected dependencies to a dependency list; and removing dependencies from the depende ...