Uwe Petersen, Thomas Schenke, Michael Schriewer, Klaus Grohe, Andreas Krebs, Ingo Haller, Karl G Metzger, Klaus Dieter Bremm, Rainer Endermann, Hans Joachim Zeiler: 7-(2,7-diazabicyclo[3.3.0]octyl)-3-quinolone-and-naphthyridonecarboxylic acid derivatives. Bayer Aktiengesellschaft, Sprung Horn Kramer & Woods, February 8, 1994: US05284855

The invention relates to new 7-(2,7-Diazabicyclo[3.3.0]octyl)-3-quinolone- and -naphthyridonecarboxylic acid derivatives, processes for their preparation, and anti-bacterial agents and feed additives containing them.


Herbert Diehl, Georg Martin, Wilfried Jaworek, Andreas Krebs, Joachim Westen: Racemization of R,S-dioxo-benzylpyrrolopiperidine. Bayer Aktiengesellschaft, Joseph C Gil, Diderico van Eyl, May 21, 2002: US06392044

Cis-R-dioxo-benzylpyrrolopiperidine is racemized in a particularly advantageous manner by treating it with a substoichiometric amount of base, preferably at temperatures below about 40° C.


Uwe Petersen, Andreas Krebs, Thomas Schenke: The intermediates diaza or oxadiazabicyclic compounds. Bayer, wang jingchao, September 9, 1998: CN97108773

The invention provides a new intermediate which is a compound for preparing quinolone- and naphthyridone-carboxylic acid derivatives of the right formula in which Y is O or CH2, R4 is H or C1-C3-alkyl.

Stephan Bartel, Andreas Krebs, Franz Kunisch: Quinolone- and naphthyridonecarboxylic acid derivatives. Bayer, LIU YUANJIN JIANG JIANCHENG, January 18, 1995: CN94101078

The invention relates to new quinolone- and naphthyridonecarboxylic acid derivatives which have hydrogen in the 6-position, to processes for their preparation, and to antibacterial compositions and feed additives containing them.

Thomas Philipps, Stephan Bartel, Andreas Krebs: Substituted isoazalene compound. Bayer, wen hongyan, August 5, 1998: CN97123048

The invention relates to intermediate compounds for preparing novel quinolone derivatives- and naphthyridone derivatives which are substituted in the 7-position by a partially hydrogenated isoindolinyl ring, to processes for their preparation and to antibacterial agents and feed additives containing ...

Uwe Petersen, Thomas Philipps, Andreas Krebs: Quinolone-and naphthyridone-carboxylic acid derivatives. Bayer, tan mengsheng, March 31, 1999: CN98109504

The invention relates to new quinolone- and naphthyridone carboxylic acid derivatives, processes for their preparation and also antibacterial agents and feed additives containing them.

Uwe Petersen, Thomas Schenke, Andreas Krebs: Preparation of parmaceutical compositon containing derivative of 1-pyrrolidinyl-3-chinolon and-naphthyridon carboxylic acid. Bayer, QI ZENGDU, January 25, 1995: CN94100328

The present invention provided a preparation method of the medicament combination of the novel 7-(1-Pyrrolidinyl)-3-quinolone- and -naphthyridonecarboxylic acid derivatives, which are as antibacterial agents and feed additives. The invention relates to the formula (I) in which substituents are given ...

Andreas Krebs, Klaus Grohe, Mickkel Schriewer: 5-alkylquinolonecarboxylic acids. Bayer, October 17, 1990: CN90101902

Antibacterial 5-alkylquinolonecarboxylic acids of the formula in which R3 is C1-C4-alkyl, R1 is optionally substituted alkyl or cycloalkyl, alkenyl, alkoxy, amino or alkylamino or optionally substituted phenyl, R2 is hydrogen or optionally substituted alkyl, R4 is a nitrogen-containing heterocyclic ...