Andre Jean Luc: Self-locking hinged chuck for immobilizing a motor vehicle on a loading ramp.. Lohr, September 28, 1988: EP0284532-A1 (21 worldwide citation)

Hinged chuck characterised in that it is composed of: an arm (1) mounted pivotably on a body (3) which slides along a guide bar (4); a mechanism which pushes into a self-locking position to prevent pivoting and employs bracing rods connecting the arm (1) to the sliding body (3); and a composite hing ...

Andre Jean Luc: Lashing strap for holding wheels of a vehicle on a loading surface.. Lohr, April 12, 1989: EP0311543-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

Flexible tie for anchoring a vehicle by its wheels. Tie characterised in that it has a strap which passes over the tyre in direct or indirect forcible contact therewith by the attachment of each of its ends to the loading surface fore and aft of the front wheels (2) or rear wheels (3) and tension be ...

Andre Jean Luc, Brion Serge: Translation block with disengaging nut for screw-mounted lifting mechanism. Lohr, Davis and Bujold, November 7, 2000: US06142447 (7 worldwide citation)

The translation block with disengaging nut (15) comprises a translation body (4) which serves as a housing for the nut (15) and which slides along the guide element (7) surrounding the screw. The interior unit comprises the nut (15) formed of two mechanically identical pieces (29, 30) which are atta ...

Andre Jean Luc, Verdier Laurent: Electric energy collecting system for urban public transport vehicle, has sections including structure to distribute electric energy that serves to refill source with energy to provide driving energy along with additional energy to vehicle. Lohr, June 27, 2008: FR2910391-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

The system has electric energy collecting sections for collecting en electric energy provided along a circulation path, where the sections are a stopping station (1), a rising zone (2) of an urban public transport vehicle (4) and an energy refilling additional zone (3). The sections include an aeria ...

Andre Jean Luc, Koerber Martin: Guide rail for set of road vehicle guide rollers. Lohr, January 7, 2000: FR2780739-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

The guide rail comprises a mushroom (4) above its base plate pad web extension. The upper part of the mushroom has two inclined parallel ramps (5,6) the surface between which serves as a rolling track (9) for the guide rollers.

Andre Jean Luc: Short coupling with variable geometry for trailers. Lohr Industrie, Schwartz & Weinrieb, June 5, 1990: US04930800 (6 worldwide citation)

A short coupling with variable geometry for trailers. A coupling which is characterized by the fact that a means of connection with elastic memory is connected in a position of minimum spacing between the trailer (2, 7) and the truck (1), with two symmetrical supports for abutting and pivoting the f ...

Andre Jean Luc, Koerber Martin: Systeme de guidage le long dau moins un rail au sol pour un essieu dun vehicule routier. Lohr, August 14, 1998: FR2759340-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a guiding system comprising a front steering unit formed of two pivoting guiding arms (2) and (3) in vertical and paired working stress, each equipped with an inclined roller (12, 13) engaged on at least one guide rail on the ground (16). At the rear a follower-limiter module ...

Andre Jean Luc, Fity Christian: Device for gripping and supporting vehicles by their wheels, in particular for transporting motor vehicles.. Lohr, June 18, 1986: EP0184969-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

Dispositif pour la préhension et le soutien de véhicules automobiles sur un chargement. Dispositif remarquable en ce qu'il se compose de deux bras de soutien de chaque roue (3) et (4), de part et d'autre du pneu, montés escamotables sur un chariot porteur (1) déplaçable et immobilisable en un endroi ...

Andre Jean Luc: Upper vehicle-carrying unit for road transporter.. Lohr, March 20, 1991: EP0418178-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

Unit characterised in that it possesses a composite platform that can be moved between a low retracted position for travelling in an unloaded state and for loading, and a high extended position for transport, said composite platform comprising means for sliding relative to the posts and means for fo ...

Andre Jean Luc: Frame constructed of pressed and welded steel sheet, for holding a container with converging sides.. Lohr, October 18, 1995: EP0677425-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

The chassis for a tipper truck with convergent sides is composed of two beams (6,7) reconstituted from folded and welded sheet steel. Each beam has an upper plate (11) forming a sloping longitudinal support area extended to a lower plate (10) by a vertical sheet steel web plate (15). The beams are j ...