Jean Morlec, Andre Deschamps: Process and products for deodorising gaseous cooking effluents. Institute Francais du Petrole, Millen White Zelano & Branigan P C, January 11, 2000: US06013196 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a process for deodorizing malodorous gaseous effluents from cooking equipment, particularly in restaurants and in the food industry, by washing with an aqueous solution comprising an alkaline or alkaline-earth salt of a dicarboxylic acid or a polycarboxylic acid, optionally as ...

Jean Morlec, Jean Francois Le Page, Andre Deschamps: Method and device for adsorbing liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons coming from the petrol tank breather of engines. Inst Francais Du Petrole, August 27, 1993: FR2687620-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method and a device relating to a system for collecting then returning to the engine the gases emitted by the breather of fuel tanks in machines (vehicles for example) with petrol engines, the said system being made up of a container with flexible walls filled with one or ...

Andre Deschamps Pierre: Overhead cable support automatically removing snow from the said cable. Deschamps Pierre, August 7, 1992: FR2672443-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The device automatically removes, by means of vigorous transverse shock, overloads of stuck snow or of ice before they become dangerous for the installation. It comprises a frame (3) and (4) connected to the support and containing a prebent spring (7). The overloaded cable (11) tends to lower the sp ...

Ari Minkkinen, Andre Deschamps, Jean Paul Cariou: Process for the isomerisation of normal c5/c6 paraffins with normal paraffins et methyl pentanes recycling.. Inst Francais Du Petrole, September 10, 1993: FR2688213-A1

Process for isomerisation of C5/C6 n-paraffins into isoparaffins, which comprises: - a stage (1) of isomerisation of a feedstock consisting of a light naphtha and recycling of a stream rich in methylpentanes and in normal paraffins; - an adsorption stage (2) carried out by passing the isomerisation ...

Claude Dezael, Andre Deschamps, Henri Gruhier: Process for removing sulfur dioxide contained in a gas. Institut Francais du Petrole des Carburants et Lubrifiants et Entreprise de Recherches et d Activities Petrolieres Elf, Millen Raptes & White, August 10, 1976: US03974257

A SO.sub.2 containing gas, for example a stack gas, is purified according to a multi-step process, which comprises washing said gas with an aqueous ammonia solution, treating the resulting solution with hydrochloric acid, whereby SO.sub.2 and an aqueous ammonium chloride solution are obtained and se ...