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A method for restoring a communication failure in a network comprises the steps of providing a predetermined order for selection to the links (L0 - L5) included in the network, searching an alternative communication path upon a failure in communication occurring in the network, producing at a first ...

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The multiple access system for a communication network has a master station (M) connected to several sub-stations via transmission lines. Each of the sub-stations consists of a data buffer that stores data to be transmitted and a request information producing unit that sends a transmission request i ...

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A communication system containing a master station (10), a plurality of slave stations (201, 202, ... 20n-1, 20n), a transmission line (30, 40) for transmitting a signal between the master station and the plurality of slave stations. The master station contains: a request sending allowance signal se ...

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Compounds of formula (I): and salts and esters thereof have valuable platelet-aggregation inhibitory activities and may be used for the prophylaxis and treatment of such diseases as thrombosis. Their preparation and compositions containing them are disclosed.

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A communication system containing: a master station (A), a plurality of slave stations (B1, B2, ... Bn-1, Bn) each for communicating with the above master station (A), a two-way transmission line (101, 102) connecting the above master station (A) and the above plurality of slave stations (B1, B2, .. ...

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Prostaglandin derivative having the formula ##SPC1##Wherein R represents a straight or branched alkyl group having from one to eight carbon atoms, R.sup.1 represents hydrogen atom or 2-tetrahydropyranyl group, R.sup.2 represents hydroxy group, A represents a straight or branched alkylene group havin ...

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Disclosed is a frame synchronizing apparatus in a receiving equipment for receiving digital signals for PCM communication. The digital signals consist serial signals at a rate of f0 (bps). The serial signals include a frame synchronizing signal constituting n bits or a part of the frame synchronizin ...

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An optical bus type communication system comprises a bus type transmission line (20) consisting of an optical fiber, a light source (10), provided at the one end of the bus type transmission line (20), for sending an optical signal of constant level to the bus type transmission line (20), a pluralit ...

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The system comprises a shift register (21), a control latch unit (22), a channel number identification unit (24), a timing control unit (25) and a demultiplexing latch unit (26). Serial input data (1) are converted into parallel data (SR1, SR2, SRn) and an output of a certain channel (SRn) is latche ...

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In a sequential polling type communication network system including a master station (1), a first channel, a second channel, and at least two slave stations (2), the master station (1) includes request registration units for registering data transmission requests (DR) from slave stations (2) during ...