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An improved safety interlock for a food processor of the type including a control system for preventing actuation of a powerful motor drive, so that the food processing tool does not rotate, unless two conditions have been met; namely,

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Safety interlock method and apparatus employing magnetic effects for food processors having a base enclosing a motor drive, working bowl detachably mountable on the base for receiving various rotatable tools removably installable on drive means in the bowl, with removable cover for the bowl. Such fo ...

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A microwave-frequency feedback amplifier circuit has a cascode amplifier with a first field-effect transistor (FET) having a gate for receiving a signal to be amplified, a source coupled to a reference voltage, and a drain. A second FET has a source coupled to the drain of the first FET, a source co ...

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A protective guide and blocking structure are provided for preventing inadvertent actuation by a misaligned or tilted cover on a food processor of the type including tool drive means driven by a motor located in a base with control means for rendering the motor drive inoperative unless the control m ...

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A nonlinear impedance transformer comprising a plurality of scaled L-C sections. The first section has its inductance and capacitance values selected to establish a characteristic impedance approximately equal to the output impedance of the local oscillator. The last section has its inductance and c ...

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A circuit assembly may include one or more coupler sections, and may include a phase inverter and/or a phase shifter. A coupler section may include a phase inverter. A coupler may include first and second mutually coupled spirals disposed on opposite sides of a dielectric substrate. Conductors formi ...

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A loaded Lange coupler embodied as an integrated circuit includes interdigitated strip conductors and lumped-element capacitors. The two interdigitated strip conductors couple the input and direct ports together, and the isolated and coupled ports together. A capacitor extends between each of the in ...

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A double-.pi. network includes a pair of series resistors connected between input and output terminals. A plurality of FETs of different widths and/or in series with resistors, are each connected in parallel with one of the series resistors. Each FET is controlled jointly with an FET of the same gat ...

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A cascode transistor configuration includes an input terminal for receiving the input signal, an output terminal for outputting the output signal and bass and emitter terminals connectable to ground. Each of a predetermined plurality of common-base heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) has a bas ...

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A depletion-mode MESFET is connected between an RF input terminal and ground. The gate is connected to a negative reference voltage via a bias resistor and to ground via a capacitor. A detector couples the input terminal to the gate and includes first and second series diodes and a second resistor c ...