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A disposable seal is provided for a luer lock end fitting, e.g. for a biopsy channel of an endoscope. The fitting has a tubular luer lock device and a retaining ring surrounding the tubular device. The seal is unitarily molded of a soft elastomer and has a double seal arrangement formed of an apertu ...

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A focusing mechanism for an optical instrument includes an eyepiece having at least one lens element retained within an eyepiece housing, a stationary carrier for retaining the eyepiece, and a rotatable thumb wheel. A pair of levers operatively connect the eyepiece housing with the rotatable thumb w ...

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A self-adjusting mechanism ensures that the collective force on the steering cables of an endoscope or borescope is limited or relieved when a predetermined force is reached. The mechanism includes a frame, a slider that moves on the frame and restrains the proximal ends of the steering cable sheath ...

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A steering control unit for a cable-actuated bending neck of an elongated probe has a cable slack adjustment mechanism disposed on the proximal end of the unit. This permits field service of the probe and allows for a watertight housing. The adjustment mechanism employs hollow adjuster screws that a ...

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An adapter for permitting a medical diagnostic instrument having an illumination source including at least one LED (light emitting diode) to be used with a power supply normally configured for use with a diagnostic instrument having at least one incandescent lamp as an illumination source. The adapt ...

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A biopsy channel for a borescope or endoscope is formed of a thin-wall elastomeric tubular sleeve or sheath that is interference fitted over an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) liner. An end fitting can be formed of a metal or plastic tube, preferably with an internal chamfer. This can be s ...

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In a cable-steerable endoscope, borescope, or guide tube in which opposing cables are displaced to deflect the tip of the instrument, a self-adjusting mechanism in the control section ensures that a maximal differential force and a minimal total force is applied to the two steering cables. The self- ...

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This invention comprises four hydraulic muscle pumps connected to four hydraulic dynamic muscles in hermetically sealed pairs to transfer tensive forces from a local to a remote location for use in actuating the articulation section of a borescope or endoscope.

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A connector is provided for a highly miniaturized integrated circuit imager that is supported in a sealed package that has a transparent distal plate and a plurality of connector pins that extend proximally from the package. The connector pins are trimmed short and metal coil springs are disposed on ...

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A biopsy channel for use in the insertion tube of an endoscope or borescope having a reinforced length that passes through the steering section of the tube which can be bent to a small radius without collapsing or losing its circularity. The tubing is preferably a heat softenable thermoplastic and t ...