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A slip control system for vehicles having spaced apart differentially driven wheels (200,202) including means (220) for calculating wheel slip according to the ratio of wheel speeds, means (242,230,232) for entering a slip control mode wherein a braking force is applied to the slipping wheel and inc ...

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A roll protective structure is provided in which a roof panel and floor panel are detachably mounted thereto. The mounting means are such that structural rigidity is maintained while insuring that there is no metal-to-metal contact between the respective panels and cab structure. The respective pane ...

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A control system for a spring-applied service brake which can also be used as a parking brake. Pressure from the vehicle hydraulic system is normally used to release the brakes. In the event of a loss of the primary pressure from the hydraulic system, the control system switches automatically to use ...

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A vehicle dash assembly is provided with pivoting mount means which allows for greater accessibility to the dash mounted instrument and associated control members. A latching mechanism permits the dash assembly to be supported in the open position for servicing operations.

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