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In the production of a tubular extruded section of thermoplastic material, the actual length of an extruded section at the end of the extrusion operation may be smaller or greater than the length of the extruded section which passed through the discharge orifice of the extrusion head during extrusio ...

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A gaming terminal for playing a wagering game includes a display, a meter, and a controller. The controller is coupled to the display and is programmed to present on the display a randomly-selected outcome selected from a plurality of outcomes. The outcome is presented to a player in the form of an ...

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The present invention is directed to a gaming machine and a method of playing a wagering game having a basic set of rules for playing a wagering game. Under the basic set of rules, a player can accumulate and save assets that are associated with the wagering game. In addition to the basic set of rul ...

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A wagering game is comprised of a basic game, a progressive game with a progressive payout, and an input device for identifying players who are playing the basic game and who become eligible for the progressive payout. The progressive payout can be awarded to a player during a selected time period. ...

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According to one aspect of the present invention, a gaming system includes a method of conducting a wagering game. The method includes identifying a player as a member of certain group, and offering the player options related to the wagering game. The options are unavailable to players who are not m ...

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There is disclosed a thermal bonded non-woven fabric composed of polyester/polyethylene conjugate fibers, said fabric having an excellent combination of low bulk density, softness, and strength. The fabric is especially useful as a facing in absorbent products.

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A gaming machine, and a method of operating a gaming machine, including a set of spinning reels having a plurality of symbols thereon, a stepper motor for spinning and stopping said reels to display symbols on a payline and a processor operating according to a game program for controlling the steppe ...

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A gaming machine for playing a wagering game includes a housing having a display region, a curved transparent layer located in the display region, and a video display. The video display is located behind the transparent layer for projecting moving images onto the transparent layer. The images includ ...

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Blow-moulding apparatus for the manufacture of hollow bodies from a thermoplastic in which a screw extruder extrudes the thermoplastic into an accumulating chamber, and a piston forces the thermoplastic through a gap-like outlet orifice of the accumulator chamber to form a parison. A blow-mould cons ...

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A gaming system and method for conducting a wagering game during which a designated cascade-triggering outcome can cause some symbols to be removed from the display and can move adjacent symbols to cascade and replace the removed symbols in a cascade outcome. A cascade outcome that includes a winnin ...