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An alarm system for detecting the pattern of acoustic signals resulting from the breaking of glass utilizes transducers to convert the acoustic waves to electrical signals and then analyzes the signal strength, the frequency content and the pattern of the signal and no signal intervals to discrimina ...

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A nail driving tool is disclosed as including a magazine (9) which, in turn, includes a guide path (7) for guiding a plurality of nails (10.sub.1, 10.sub.2, 10.sub.3. . . ) which are preferably disposed in the form of a nail strip. The guide path (7) is open at an outlet opening (2) from or through ...

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A washing brush contains a brush body with a central opening, that engages a cylindrical projection, which is positioned in the vicinity of the edge of a cover. The cover is in one piece with a gripping member, which can be connected to a water-carrying member.

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A mounting device 10 for the wings 2 of windows, doors, etc., which consists of a bearing rail 11 to be secured in the groove 1' on the frame side and a holding rail 12 which also fits into the groove on the wing side, and of two guides 6 and 7 Each of the guides 6 and 7 is connected on one side to ...

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In a wing frame 1 for windows, doors, or the like, composed of metal or plastics profiles, the actuation gear assembly 10 for a connecting rod 9 is so housed that adjacent an undercut profiled guide channel 5 for the connecting rod 9, an installation space is required which corresponds to only a fra ...

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When at least an anionic or non-ionic emulsifier which is hydrophilic and highly electrolyte-resistant, and neutralization products of alkyl- and/or alkanol amines with ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid, diethyldiamine penta acetic acid, and/or N-hydroxyethylene diamine triacetic acid or derivative ...

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A system and method for controlling evaporative emissions of a volatile fuel. The system preferably has a fuel vapor collection canister, a purge valve, an isolation valve, and a fuel tank. The fuel vapor collection canister includes a supply port and a discharge port. The purge valve includes an in ...

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A method of operating a fuel tank isolation valve and a canister vent valve. The fuel tank isolation valve has a first port, a second port, an electric actuator, and a valve body. The first port is in fluid communication with a fuel vapor collection canister. The second port is in fluid communicatio ...

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The process makes it possible to determine for sound-absorbing structural elements made of a compact or foamed plastic with cup-shaped protuberances, the thickness and area size of the resonance surfaces that is required for an optimal sound aborption, as a function of the height of the protuberance ...

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A fertilizer in the form of a concentrated dispersion of undissolved nutrient materials in an aqueous medium containing said same and/or other nutrient materials in solution, the dispersion also containing as dispersants, magnesium-aluminum silicate and at least one additional dispersant selected fr ...