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A satellite relay communications system includes a ground relay station arranged so that each message from one subscriber to another is relayed by the satellite relay to the ground relay, processed by the ground relay and then transmitted to the second subscriber by way of the satellite relay. Proce ...

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A new method and apparatus for generating an analog output signal as a function of a digital input in the form of digital words over a specified range. The range is divided into a plurality of intervals, and the function is approximated by a linear segment in each interval. Each linear segment is de ...

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A single configuration-invariant hybrid phasing circuit is utilized for both phase detection and phase shifting in a quasi-coherent memory to produce an essentially constant amplitude CW signal which is later gated to produce constant amplitude false range pulses. In one mode of operation the subjec ...

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Apparatus is herein disclosed for providing in a code system correlation in conjunction with equalization correction to reduce the higher sidelobes which appear for certain autocorrelation functions. The signal to be correlated is applied to a shift register or tapped delay line, whose tap outputs a ...

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Reduction of interference from off-frequency signals in an a.m. receiver is achieved by substituting an average detector for the conventional peak detector employed in such receivers. Conversely, enhancement of off-frequency signal reception is achieved by employing an average detector in parallel w ...

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Attenuation of a signal is achieved by biphase modulating the signal with an asymmetrical duty factor rectangular wave. In one embodiment of the invention an input signal is applied to a phase reversal switch having as its second input thereto an asymmetrical duty factor rectangular wave.

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A low-loss, low-cost passive pulse width to voltage converter is provided by utilizing a diode clamp having a resistor in series therewith to provide a soft clamp or integrating clamp.

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Suppression of jamming from multiple sources is achieved by detecting the AM difference frequency produced by the beating of a desired signal and the smaller of the multiple jamming signal with the stronger jamming signal and applying same to one input of a single-sideband modulator while simultaneo ...