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A technique for transmitting compressed quantized image-data from a transmitter to a receiver over a limited bandwidth communication channel employs temporal differential pulse code modulation incorporating pyramid image processing spectrum analyzers and synthesizers. This technique permits the sele ...

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Phase reversal of solely the chrominance component of only alternate frames of an NTSC format signal prior to pre-emphasis and again subsequent to de-emphasis permits simpler and less costly filter structure to be employed without any loss of filtering capability.

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A digital finite impulse response (FIR) filter is provided in which a plurality of weighted signal taps are symmetrically located in time about a weighted center tap. Weighted signals from the symmetrically located taps are summed at a first point in the filter, which sum is then combined with signa ...

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Frame-to-frame comb filter for separating chrominance and luminance components of composite video signals produce distortions around the periphery of reproduced moving images. The color distortions are corrected by selectively adding the combed luminance signal to the combed chrominance signal durin ...

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A digital filter is provided which selectively employs binary arithmetic and offset two's complement arithmetic in an adder ladder to protect against signal overflows and underflows, as well as to minimize adder size. Signal overflows and underflows are prevented by performing subtraction and certai ...

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A digital memory is provided which contains digital data words representative of a desired symmetrical transfer characteristic of a digital signal processor. Digital signals which are to be processed are applied to the address inputs of the memory, producing output signals in conformance with the de ...

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Low pass sampled data filters tend to produce pre- and post- over/undershoots in the output signal in response to input signal transitions. These over/undershoots or sequence of artifacts are eliminated in the present system by the following method. The input signal is monitored for transitions exce ...

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A method of synchronizing the transmissions of alternate video fields or frames from two earth stations over a common uplink channel to a satellite so that the fields or frames arrive in interleaved time periods. A synchronizing pulse is transmitted over a separate channel from a first station to th ...

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In field/frame recursive filters for providing noise reduction to composite video signal, inversion of the chrominance component of the composite video signal is obviated by selecting nearest neighbor in-phase field/frame delayed signals for recursion. The system arbitrates between two or more neare ...

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In systems in which the current digitized level value of a synthesized-signal sample (e.g., a television video signal sample) is determined by summing a transmitted error-signal-sample level value and a delayed previous synthesized-signal-sample level value, the dynamic range of the transmitted erro ...