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Provided are compositions and methods for delivering biological moieties such as modified nucleic acids into cells to kill or reduce the growth of microorganisms. Such compositions and methods include the use of modified messenger RNAs, and are useful to treat or prevent microbial infection, or to i ...

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The present invention relates to a branched bis-biotin/avidin/multiple label complex that is conjugated to a member of a specific binding pair (“sbp member”). The complex and conjugate compositions of the invention find use in an assay for an analyte wherein there is employed a reagent system compri ...

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Disclosed are novel human and clam ubiquitin carrier polypeptides involved in the ubiquitination of cyclins A and/or B. Also disclosed are inhibitors of such polypeptides, nucleic acids encoding such polypeptides and inhibitors, antibodies specific for such polypeptides, and methods of their use.

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The present invention relates to nucleic acids designed to prevent the binding of single strand RNA in protein complexes originatig from small interfering RNA (siRNA) or small hairpin RNA (shRNA) and uses thereof.

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The present invention relates to methods of identifying sites in the 3′- and/or 5′-UTR of mRNA involved in the binding of miRNA and/or siRNA to their target sites and nucleic acids designed to prevent the binding of endogenous or exogenous miRNA and/or siRNA to their target mRNA and uses thereof.