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A method and apparatus for the manufacture of rotary drill bits such as are used for oil well drilling which are constructed from a multiplicity of segments. The segments are provided with registration means for positioning the segments relative to one another and are placed in a fixture where they ...

Albert M Sciaky: Sliding vacuum seal means. Sciaky Bros, Julius L Solomon, July 24, 1979: US04162391 (10 worldwide citation)

A vacuum sealing means for a high production electron beam welding machine incorporating a rotary indexing table carrying parts to be welded from a loading position to a welding position under a stationery electron beam gun and then to an unloading station. Sealable pockets on the rotating index tab ...

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This invention concerns a process of welding by an electron beam. The process is one in which the beam is rapidly deflected from point to point of a predetermined matrix of spots over which the beam rests for predetermined lengths of time in order to produce a predetermined distribution of energy ov ...

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This invention is for a method for controlling the motion of an electron beam gun with respect to a workpiece so that the electron beam will follow the path along the seam between the two parts which are to be welded. The electron beam scans the seam in a circular motion. The center of the circle is ...