Gunther Nath, Albert Kreitmair, Vincent Jaeger: Apparatus for coagulation by heat radiation. Brumbaugh Graves Donohue & Raymond, September 10, 1985: US04539987 (109 worldwide citation)

In a radiation coagulator having an electric incandescent lamp, in particular a tungsten-halogen low-voltage lamp, as radiation source, and a tissue contact element of a crystalline dielectric material transmissive to the radiation, forming a contact surface to be pressed against living body tissue, ...

Albert Kreitmair, Gunther Nath: Device for irradiating denture parts. Handal & Morofsky, October 10, 1989: US04873446 (14 worldwide citation)

An irradiation device for the radiation polymerization of synthetic materials in denture parts is described, having an electric lamp as source for radiation in the short-wave visible and close ultraviolet spectral region, also having a receptacle defining an irradiation chamber for a denture part wh ...

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