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Pressure sensitive adhesive articles and methods, particularly stretch removable adhesive articles that are preferably for use in adhering to skin or like delicate surfaces. Preferably, stretch removability of the article occurs as a result of the selection of a stretch removable pressure sensitive ...

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Tackified compositions comprise a curable polydiorganosiloxane oligourea segmented copolymer which has alternating soft polydiorganosiloxane units and hard diisocyanate residues, the diisocyanate residue being the diisocyanate minus the —NCO groups. The units are connected together by urea linkages ...

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A skin-compatible, hot-melt processible, pressure sensitive adhesive is disclosed. A thermo-reversible cross-linking is achieved, permitting advantages in processibility and the reduction of waste.

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Cure-on-demand, moisture-curable compositions of one or more compounds comprising molecules having reactive silane functional groups and an acid generating material are taught herein. The acid generating material releases an acid upon exposure to heat, ultraviolet light, visible light, electron beam ...

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Ionically conductive adhesives are disclosed. The adhesives are prepared from zwitterionic polymers, preferably prepared from zwitterionic monomers. Medical devices, such as biomedical electrodes, skin coverings, and transdermal delivery devices using such adhesives so prepared are also disclosed.

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A mixture is provided comprising (a) at least one of an elastomeric thermoplastic, a non-elastomeric thermoplastic, an elastomeric thermoset and mixtures thereof, excluding polydiorganosiloxane fluids and (b) a polymer having soft polydiorganosiloxane units, hard polyisocyanate residue units, option ...

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Polydiorganosiloxane polyoxamide, linear, block copolymers and methods of making the copolymers are provided. The method of making the copolymers involves reacting a diamine with a polydiorganosiloxane precursor having oxalylamino groups. The polydioroganosiloxane polyoxamide block copolymers are of ...

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The present invention provides polydiorganosiloxane oligourea segmented copolymers. The copolymers contain soft polydiorganosiloxane units, hard segments that are diisocyanate residues, the polydiorganosiloxane units and diisocyanate residues being connected by urea linkages, and terminal groups tha ...

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Methods of imagewise printing of adhesives that includes providing a latent adhesive image and then activating the latent adhesive image to form an adhesive image. Methods of preparing latent adhesive toners that involve limited coalescence.

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This invention relates to an article comprising a transparent stack of sheets that may be applied, for example, to protect substrates such as glass or plastic windows, signage or displays. A topmost sheet can be peeled away after it is damaged to reveal an undamaged sheet below. The invention also r ...