Albert Blum: Aeration apparatus for large waters. Brooks & Kushman, May 6, 1986: US04587064 (32 worldwide citation)

An aeration apparatus for waters consists of a float element and of at least one aerator unit supported thereby, with a motor-driven pump, with a mixing chamber downstream of the latter, with an air pipe connected to the mixing chamber and with at least one ejector leading out of the mixing chamber. ...

Albert Blum: Apparatus for the removal of gases, especially air, in fluids. Diller Ramik & Wight, December 30, 1980: US04242289 (19 worldwide citation)

An aerator device which includes a submersible unitized electric motor-pump assembly designed by a housing in which is an electric motor having a shaft projecting therefrom and carrying a pump impeller, a second housing having a liquid chamber in which is located the pump impeller, a first opening i ...

Albert Blum, Gunter Kramer: Electric motor. Brooks & Kushman, May 12, 1992: US05113103 (17 worldwide citation)

An electric motor (1) comprises a housing (5) which encloses it tightly and consists of a stainless steel sheet jacket (28), a stator (2), a shaft (3) which is passed out of the housing, and two centering pieces (6, 7) arranged on both sides of the stator (2), which abut the end faces of the stator ...

Albert Blum: Ground effect vehicle. Brooks & Kushman, December 15, 1987: US04712630 (13 worldwide citation)

A ground effect vehicle consists of a central, wing-like support body (1), floats (5) and/or undercarriage units located on both sides of the support body, a thrust generator (11) located in front of the support body, a control surface (14, 16) and a cabin (17), located on top of the support body fo ...

Albert Blum: Apparatus for introducing air into a liquid including a liquid pump mounted within an aerator pressure chamber. Diller Ramik & Wight, February 13, 1979: US04139579 (13 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for introducing air into a liquid including an aerator housing having inner and outer walls defining an inner pressure chamber and an outer air chamber with jet nozzles being carried by the inner walls and opening radially outwardly for directing liquid jets from the pressure chamber th ...

Hartmut Stiegler, Albert Blum: Trim compensation for a hovercraft. David R Syrowik, June 4, 1996: US05522470 (9 worldwide citation)

Trim compensation for a hovercraft having two engines (2,3) with flow outlet apertures. The two engines (2,3) are arranged laterally at the stern of the hovercraft to generate air jets for forward motion. The hovercraft also includes a compressor to generate an air cushion beneath the hovercraft. Th ...

Albert Blum: Suction pump with rotatable flow retaining and repelling element. Diller Ramik & Wight, March 13, 1979: US04143993 (9 worldwide citation)

A sewage pump immersible in a conveyed medium and including an electric motor and a pump member connected therewith with there being also a suction opening. The sewage pump has comminuting devices arranged no further downstream than in the region of the suction opening for comminuting sucked-in admi ...

Albert Blum: Ground effect vehicle. Brooks & Kushman, August 9, 1994: US05335742 (8 worldwide citation)

A floatable ground effect vehicle is provided with at least one wing arrangement, at least one thrust generator (10) seated in front of the wing arrangement and at least one airflow duct (14) from the thrust generator (10) which can be directed under the wing arrangement. So that the ground effect v ...

Albert Blum: Submersible pump with guide means. Lackenbach Lilling & Siegel, November 29, 1977: US04060345 (7 worldwide citation)

A submersible pump with guide means wherein guide elements include a guide sleeve provided with an aligning gap which during lowering of the pump assembly slides upon an aligning rail connected to the foot of the delivery conduit of the pump.

Werner Stibal, Albert Blum: Apparatus for cooling and conditioning melt-spun material. Ems Inventa, Jordan B Bierman, January 29, 1991: US04988270 (6 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for spinning filaments from a melt has a nozzle plate with a plurality of passages through which the melt flows to form a stream of filaments, a downstream dispersing head in the stream in the form of a cylinder with its axis parallel to the stream of filaments and having an upstream en ...