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A system, method and computer program for paginating information received from a content provider so that it may be displayed on any type of user terminal having any size screen and having different types of mechanisms for input of information. This system has a pagination and terminal adaptation mo ...

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A system and a method for modifying the behavioral characteristics of a mobile station terminal according to a functional location. A small transmitter, or button, which utilizes short range radio transmissions is used to define a functional location. The button is identified with particular functio ...

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A system for issuing electronic coupons. A master coupon is provided by a service which may be copied by customers and placed into their individual electronic wallets. The coupons may have a variable benefit or value which may be established by a variety of parameters. The parameters include a set t ...

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A method and system for playing a distributed game over a wireless telecommunications network is disclosed. The game is initiated when a game server sends a task (e.g., a question) to a first group of mobile terminals. Each mobile terminal may either respond to the task (e.g., submit an answer) or f ...

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Methods and systems are provided for alerting users of audio and/or video broadcasts. A user of a first media player may create a tune alert message and transmit the message to a second media player. The second media player may parse or decipher the message and reconfigure a tuner module to receive ...

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A device stores one or more compression rules for an action language. Upon receipt of a signal from a tag (such as an RFID tag, a visual tag, or an audio tag), a compressed data stream corresponding to the tag is decoded from the signal. Based on the one or more compression rules, one or more action ...

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A system and method is provided for permitting a mobile device to connect to a broadcast station web site and to receive a broadcast station broadcast in response to selection of a bookmark. Selection of the bookmark results in a tuner on the mobile device being tuned to receive a broadcast while th ...

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A system is provided that includes a first terminal, and a second terminal engaged in a communication session with the first terminal across one or more networks. The system also includes a third terminal capable of communicating with the second terminal across a short-range communication link betwe ...

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A state menu selection system that provides a function control set relating to an active application, maps at least one function from the function control set to at least one input device, and activates a function from the control set upon activation of the corresponding input device.

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The invention is defined by systems, methods and applications for establishing a short-range communication link between digital devices for the purpose of transferring data between the devices. The first device generates and displays a visual code that encodes the address of the first device and the ...