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An endoscope system in accordance with the present invention comprises a plurality of endoscope modules having different treatment instruments mounted therein, an endoscope to which the endoscope modules can be attached, and a coupling member fixed to the distal part of an insertion unit of the endo ...

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A nickel-alloy layer is formed on a lead frame made of a material which consists chiefly of copper as a base material, a pellet is then mounted, and a resin is applied thereto to form a package. Then, a copper layer or an alloy layer of copper and 0.05 to 0.2% by weight of zinc is formed on said nic ...

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A curvature section provided in an insertable section is curved in response to a curving instructing signal output by the operation of a curving operating switch. In case the curving operating switch is of a joy stick type having an operating lever, in response to the operation of a switching switch ...

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Those portions (i.e., the inner lead portions) of the leads of a semiconductor device, which are sealed by a package, are formed with a plurality of depression in at least the surfaces and backs thereof such that the depressions have a smaller diameter at their bottoms than at their surfaces. As a r ...

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This invention relates to a lead frame which is applied to a resin-molded semiconductor device. According to the lead frame of this invention, a quadrangular tab for supporting a semiconductor pellet is supported by four tab leads which extend along diagonal lines of the tab.

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An electron emission device comprises an electron emission electrode with a pointed end and a counter electrode positioned opposite to the pointed end, both formed by fine working of a conductive layer laminated on an insulating substrate.

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A process cartridge detachably mountable to a main assembly of an electrophotographic image forming apparatus, includes an electrophotographc photosensitive drum; a developlng member for developing an electrostatic latent image formed on the electrophotographic photosensitive drum with a developer; ...

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A process cartridge removably mounted on a main body of an electrophotographic image forming includes an electrophotographic photosensitive member, a cleaning member contacting the electrophotographic photosensitive member for removing any developer remaining thereon, a first cleaning frame member h ...

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A process cartridge detachably mountable to a main assembly of an electrophotographic image forming apparatus, the process cartridge includes an electrophotographic photosensitive drum; a developing roller for developing an electrostatic latent image formed on the photosensitive drum; a magnet dispo ...

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A plasma processing apparatus comprises a susceptor for supporting a target object to be processed having a target surface to be processed in a process vessel, a plurality of process gas supply nozzles for supplying a process gas for the target object into the process vessel, and an RF coil for gene ...