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A digital signal transmitting system includes a plurality of digital signal reproducers, each outputting a digital data signal to be time-division multiplexed; a digital signal multiplexer supplied with a frame synchronizing signal, a service bit signal and the output digital signals from the reprod ...

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Disclosed is a multi-layer plastic structure comprising a layer of a polyester composed mainly of ethylene terephthalate units or butylene terephthalate units and a gas barrier layer containing an olefin-vinyl alcohol copolymer, said two layers being laminated together through a layer of a thermopla ...

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Disclosed is a laminate structure comprising a layer of a creep-resistant resin composed mainly of ester recurring units and a gas barrier layer containing an olefin-vinyl alcohol copolymer, which are laminated through a thermoplastic resin adhesive layer, wherein the adhesive resin is composed of a ...

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A surface emitting semiconductor laser that is easy to manufacture and has a high-intensity fundamental lateral mode optical output power. The surface emitting semiconductor laser has a semiconductor substrate on which are sequentially laminated a lower n-type DBR layer, an active layer region, an u ...

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A navigation apparatus that includes a position information acquiring unit acquiring position information of a parking position; a parking information acquiring unit acquiring information as to a parking time in the parking position; and a memory storing the position information acquired by the posi ...

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A plurality of lasers (having openings 170) are formed at predetermined positions at equal intervals on at least two main scanning lines on a semiconductor substrate 100. The lasers have each a predetermined beam diameter and take different positions in the main scanning direction, thereby providing ...

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The peripheral portion of a flat, molecularly orientable material stock of substantially uniform thickness having a temperature below the upper limit of the molecularly orientable temperatures of the plastic material is clamped, and the central portion of the plastic material stock is introduced int ...

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A vehicle boarding environment controlling apparatus having a communicating element communicating with a communication device that detects a detection target object for personal authentication; a registration storing element for storing registration of setting status information denoting a predeterm ...

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Provided is a semiconductor device that has pseudo lattice matched layers with good crystallinity, formed with lattice mismatched materials. Tensile-strained n-type Al

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An audio signal reproducing apparatus includes a player unit (10) and a pitch conversion unit (20). The player unit (10) reproduces, at variable speed, audio signal data from a recording medium (11) on which the audio signal data has been recorded at a predetermined sampling frequency Fs. The pitch ...