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Disclosed is a resin encapsulated semiconductor memory device comprising a semiconductor memory element, a package encapsulating the memory element and an .alpha.-rays shielding layer made from a water-resistant aromatic polyimide polymer, interposed between the memory element and the package, the a ...

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In a dynamoelectric machine having a stator assembly of coil windings and a core, a heat-dissipating, electro-insulative housing encapsulates the coil windings and the core. The housing is made of a cured molded article or material formed of a resin-filler composition which comprises a liquid unsatu ...

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An ether imide of the formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1, R.sub.2, R.sub.3, R.sub.4, R.sub.5, R.sub.6 and D are as defined in the specification produced by reacting a diamine with an ethylenically unsaturated dicarboxylic acid can give a composition together with one or more unsaturated polyesters, e ...

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The disclosure is concerned with a maleimide-diamine resin composition which is well soluble to a low boiling point solvent and is excellent in heat resistance. The composition is featured by containing a maleimide-diamine adduct having the general formula: ##STR1## wherein A is a mono-, di-, tri- o ...

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A SF.sub.6 gas insulating electric apparatus usable as a circuit breaker, etc., containing a SF.sub.6 gas insulator and a resin insulator, both of which insulators are present in an atmosphere to be exposed to arcs, characterized by making at least the surface portion to be exposed to arcs of the re ...

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In a semiconductor memory device comprising semiconductor memory elements having such a degree of integration in memory circuits as to produce soft errors by incident .alpha.-rays derived from a packaging material and a package which packages the memory elements and is made from the packaging materi ...

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An unsaturated polyester resin composition for use in pressure molding, which comprises an unsaturated polyester resin and fillers consisting essentially of (a) calcium carbonate powder which passes a 325 mesh sieve, (b) an inorganic mineral particulate which passes a 12 mesh sieve and is retained o ...

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An epoxy resin composition having a remarkably improved storage stability and an excellent hardening characteristic when heated, which comprises an epoxy resin and an aromatic amino carboxylic acid or a derivative thereof as a hardener for the epoxy resin. This composition can be molded by injection ...

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A resin composition having superior molding character, bonding character, moisture resistance, and heat resistance, for encapsulating of a semiconductor which contains:

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A polymerizable, curable resin composition suitable for molding materials, prepreg, powdery paint materials or the like, which comprises a polyepoxide, a uretdione and a tetraphenyl borate-amine complex. This composition has long pot life and good curability by virtue of latent catalytic characteris ...