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There is disclosed a self-dispersible aqueous pigment dispersion and preparing method thereof, the dispersion comprising an aqueous solution, particles of a pigment and a water-soluble pigment derivative, said particles being dispersed in the aqueous pigment dispersion in a concentration within the ...

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A pigment-dispersing agent obtained by polymerizing an addition-polymerizable monomer having an acidic functional group and other addition-polymerizable monomer in the presence of a polymerization initiator, the polymerization initiator being a diazotization product prepared by diazotizing at least ...

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A water-based pigment dispersion excellent in gloss of a coating, tinting strength, fluidity and storage stability, comprising a pigment, a pigment dispersing agent of the formula (1) and a solid content, of a water-based resin which is obtained by copolymerizing an .alpha., .beta.-ethylenically uns ...

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A monoazo lake pigment and a process for its production; the monoazo lake pigment excellent in clearness, transparency, gloss and tinting strength is obtained by coupling a diazo component which is an aromatic amine having a sulfonic acid group with a coupler component which contains .beta.-naphthol ...

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A process for the production of an aluminum phthalocyanine composition or a halogenated aluminum phthalocyanine composition in high yield and purity is provided which entails bringing a molten salt of aluminum chloride and/or aluminum bromide and a phthalocyanine compound having a central element ot ...

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A method is disclosed for dispersing a pigment to obtain a pigment dispersion. The method involves dispersing 100 parts by weight of a pigment, 0.1 to 30 parts by weight of a specific pigment dispersing agent and 5 to 300 parts by weight of a water-based resin in 100 to 2,000 parts by weight of an a ...

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A acid-curing coating composition which is improved in pigment dispersibility, which is free from the formation of aggregates, free from the substantial growth of a crystal and excellent in fluidity, and which gives a coating having a clear color tone and high gloss, the coating composition comprisi ...

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A pigment composition which shows excellent flowability and stability with time, when used for an ink, and whose printed matter shows an excellent gloss, clearness, color strength and migrationfastness, and an ink composition,

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A method for producing a halogenated organic pigment comprising a halogenation step of halogenating an organic pigment with a halogenating agent, wherein the halogenating agent comprises one or more N-haloimide compounds selected from the group consisting of trichloroisocyanuric acid, a metal salt o ...

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A disazo pigment composition which can provide a printing ink having excellent fluidity, gloss and storage stability, and which contains: