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A surgical operation apparatus of this invention includes an operation sheath having a cavity securing portion that is inserted into vital tissue through the skin to secure a working cavity for a surgical operation in the body, and a sheet member that allows an operation tool to be inserted from out ...

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A cavity-retaining tool for bone surgery includes a cavity-retaining sheath which is inserted into the body and forms a cavity to act as a work space for bone surgery, a treatment channel which is placed in the cavity-retaining sheath and guides treatment tools necessary for the treatment of a bone ...

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In an electrosurgery apparatus for treating a living tissue, while the living tissue is being treated, a variation in state of energy supplied from a cautery power supply to a monopolar treatment device is detected on the basis of detection data obtained from a current sensor and a voltage sensor. B ...

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An endoscope dirt remover according to the present invention comprises a tube through which an insert section of an endoscope is inserted, an elastic member coupled with the tube, and a wiper blade coupled with the elastic member at wiping the dirt of the objective lens, at least part of the wiper b ...

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In a treating apparatus, a forceps body as a treating device is connected to a generator as a control device. The forceps body mainly includes a pair of handle portions, which are used for manipulation by being held by an operator, a pair of jaws provided between the handle portion and the pair of j ...

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The present invention is a small, light-weight gas generator for a passenger air bag. The gas generator includes a housing having a diffuser shell and a closure shell. The diffuser shell includes a round portion, a center cylindrical portion extending concentrically from inside a peripheral portion ...

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A hybrid inflator in which a weight thereof and the number of manufacturing steps can be reduced is provided. First and second communication holes

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The present invention relates to a gas generator for an air bag, particularly to the improvement of a housing for a gas generator.

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A multistage inflating-type hybrid inflator in which a malfunction does not occur is provided. When a first gas generating chamber 130 is first burnt, a combustion gas flowed out of first communication holes 136 advances in a direction towards an inner wall of an inflator housing 102 but it does not ...

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The gas generator according to the present invention is characterized by a combustion chamber formed with a combustor cup (14) having an annular top wall fixed at an inner edge portion thereof to a circumferential edge of a top wall of a central cylindrical holder (4) by riveting (28). A combustor p ...