Pierre L Cote, Bradley M Smith, Ake A Deutschmann, Carlos F F Rodrigues, Steven K Pedersen: Frameless array of hollow fiber membranes and method of maintaining clean fiber surfaces while filtering a substrate to withdraw a permeate. Zenon Environmental, Alfred D Lobo, September 28, 1993: US05248424 (155 worldwide citation)

A frameless array unconfined in a modular shell, proves to be a surprisingly effective membrane device for withdrawing permeate from a substrate, the flux through the membranes reaching an essentially constant relatively high value because of the critical deployment of fibers of the array as a skein ...

Bradley M Smith, Ake A Deutschmann, Kenneth P Goodboy: In situ cleaning system for fouled membranes. Zenon Environmental, Alfred D Lobo, April 4, 1995: US05403479 (103 worldwide citation)

A method and cleaning system is disclosed for cleaning the outer surface of a fouled microfiltration (MF) or ultrafiltration (UF) semipermeable hollow fiber membrane after its initial stable transmembrane flux has been decreased to an unacceptably low level. The method is specifically applicable to ...

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