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An object of the present invention is to provide a novel microorganism which has an excellent ability to solubilize a variety of organic solid matter such as biological sludge including raw sludge and excess sludge discharged from sewage treating processes at sewage treatment plants, night soil trea ...


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Pyrimidinylpyrazole derivatives, having the formula: ##SPC1##Wherein R.sub.3 and R.sub.5 are each hydrogen or alkyl of one to five carbon atoms, Py is a pyrimidinyl group optionally substituted by alkyl of one to five carbon atoms, alkoxy of one to five carbon atoms, and/or halogen, Z is N-(optional ...


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A camera has a single shot mode and an automatic mode. A focus detection arrangement uses an accumulation type sensor unit SNS (01, 02, 11, 12) followed by an amplifier, the gain of the amplifier being switched between two states in dependence on the mode of operation. Accumulation times of the sens ...

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In an automatic focusing apparatus for a camera, accumulation times of signals from the sensors SNS (01, 02, 11, 12) are independently controlled so that none of the signals exceed the dynamic range of the processing system. A plurality of sensors may independently detect focus states of a plurality ...

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Provided is a method and apparatus for treating organic waste water, which are capable of realizing compact equipment by reducing the quantity of a sludge to be treated. Organic waste water (A) is subjected to an aerobic biological treatment in biological treatment tank (3). Then, solution (B) obtai ...

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A focus detecting apparatus for receiving light energy passed through an objective and detecting the focus adjusted state is provided with defocus amount detection means for repetitively detecting the defocus amounts of a plurality of areas in a view relating to the objective, operating means for st ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To increase the comfort of operators in the case of desirably changing setting of an electronic watermark by an object and a photographing purpose or in the case of changing the setting of a camera differently for a plurality of users when the camera is used in common by the us ...

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Essential parts, such as a toggle device and a locking device (62, 64, 70, 78), of the hinged window locking mechanism are all located at the outside of a base member (38) secured to the vehicle body so as not to project toward the inside of the vehicle beyond the base member.