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Computer-readable media, systems, and methods for automated device activation are described. In embodiments, an activation message is received from a non-provisioned mobile device identifying a user account. In various embodiments, it is determined whether activation is authorized and, if it is dete ...

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A system and method for implementing telephony devices in a distributed network environment is disclosed. The present invention provides for a network switch which provides power to a telephony device adjacently connected thereto.

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Lipo Chitooligosaccharide (LCO) [NodBj-V(C18:1,Mefuc)] isolated from Bradyrhizobium japonicum strain 532C was able to stimulate seed germination/seedling emergence, or in the case of potato, sprouting, of a number of crop plants representing eight distantly related plant families (Poaceae, Fabaceae, ...

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In accordance with one embodiment of the present invention, a method includes receiving a packet at a physical interface of a network security gateway. The packet is tagged with a first VLAN identifier associated with an external network. The method also includes communicating a copy of the packet t ...

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A method, system, and computer-readable media are provided for managing a handoff of a video session including a plurality of devices. The method can include monitoring a signal strength in a first access technology of a mobile device within a first video session. The method can additionally include ...

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When a power supply is turned off its output voltages decrease over certain times. If the power supply is turned back on before the output voltages have had time to decrease to a level required by certain electronic circuits before power is reapplied, then these electronic circuits may malfunction o ...

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The need for a SAF-TE processor embedded on a SCSI backplane of a hot-swap hard disk drive enclosure is eliminated by utilizing the functionality of a RAID on motherboard (ROMB) controller and an Embedded Server Management (ESM) interface already present in an information handling system. Only senso ...

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A system and method for implementing telephony devices in a distributed network environment is disclosed. The present invention provides for checking data packets to ensure that non-voice data packets are properly tagged to be transmitted on a native virtual local area network (“VLAN”). Voice data p ...

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A communication system, media, and methods that proxy location information to location unaware devices are provided. The communication system includes a wireless device that connects to a cellular network and personal area network. The cellular network includes a Global Positioning System server tha ...

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Fault resilient booting of complex multi-rail processors in an information handling system insures that all processor voltage rails are functioning properly before any processor fetches operating software code. In addition, the information handling system will automatically reboot when one or more o ...