Adams Graham Leonard, Briscoe Peter Flexney, Dyson Arthur Frank: Electrolytic capacitor manufacture. Stc, June 27, 1984: GB2132019-A (24 worldwide citation)

A fan-folded anode foil 2 is interleaved orthogonally with a fan-folded cathode 1 foil. Direct contact between the foils is prevented by separator sleeves 5 placed around one of the foils. Alternate folds of anode foil project from one side of the resulting stack and are cold welded to tabbing 7 whi ...

Adams Graham Leonard: Optical fibre connector. Stc, April 30, 1986: GB2166261-A (7 worldwide citation)

A male connector element (28) has a path (35, 37) for an optical fibre (52) which extends axially for most of the length of the element but ends in a radial termination (54). A female connector element (1) has a cylindrical member with radial termination (8) of an optical fibre (4) which is to be co ...

Hodges Robert James, Adams Graham Leonard, Crick Aubrey Michael: Pressure sensor.. Stc, January 7, 1988: EP0251592-A2 (6 worldwide citation)

A high pressure sensor for a motor vehicle combustion chamber comprises a thick silicon chip (65) operating in bending mode, a flexible resilient closure member in the form of a bellows (63) and a thermally resistive push-rod (64) transferring force from the bellows to the chip.

Adams Graham Leonard, Nagi Mak: Electronic circuit assemblies. Motorola, July 10, 1991: GB2239739-A (4 worldwide citation)

In a circuit assembly 10 a relatively rigid carrier member 11 formed of aluminium supports relatively massive circuit components such as transformer 12, power transistor 14, connector 15 and pressure sensor 16. Relatively less massive components such as surface mount integrated circuit 18, surface m ...

Adams Graham Leonard: Optical switch. Standard Telephones Cables, July 27, 1988: GB2200222-A (4 worldwide citation)

An optical switch includes an optical path with an intervening sliding shutter (3) operated by a rotatable actuating ring (19) with an internal cam (20) engaging on both ends of the shutter. In one version (Fig. 1) separate optical fibres (7) are employed for the switch input and output, whereas in ...

Adams Graham Leonard: Locking arrangement for connectors. Stc, April 30, 1986: GB2166185-A (4 worldwide citation)

Two connector portions (1, 2) are locked in the coupled-together state by means of a locking pin (3) engaged in a locking recess (4) of one portion (1). The locking pin (3) is carried by an element (5) of shape memory metal comprised as a leaf spring or compression spring. To retract the locking pin ...

Adams Graham Leonard: Pivoting component for flexible circuit. Motorola, April 24, 1991: GB2237152-A (3 worldwide citation)

A connector 102 is pivotally mounted with respect to a flexible printed circuit 11 such that the connector 102 may be pivoted between a first position (fig 1) in line with the flatness of the circuit 11 and a second position (fig 2) out of flatness, by flexure of the circuit portion 101. The pivot p ...



Adams Graham Leonard: Optical encoder. Stc, September 1, 1988: GB2201508-A (2 worldwide citation)

Rotation of an actuating ring 33 having a multi-lobed internal cam surface 34, such as by movement of a member whose movement is to be sensed, causes movement of a plunger 8 having a central web with an aperture 12 therein. In dependence on the position of the aperture 12 light can be transmitted fr ...