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Crude glyceride oils are refined by membrane filtration under pressure in solutions in organic solvents, particularly to separate phosphatides, which may also be refined according to the invention. The solvents are non-acidic, non-hydroxy solvents, e.g., esters, hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocar ...

Achintya Kumar Sen Gupta: Purification process. Lever Brothers Company, Michael J Kelly, Melvin H Kurtz, James J Farrell, June 6, 1978: US04093540 (32 worldwide citation)

Glyceride oil compositions are refined by contacting them in solution in an organic solvent under pressure with a semi-permeable membrane to separate constituents of different molecular weights into retentate and permeate fractions.

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The storage properties of edible oils are improved by first contacting the oil, in solution in a non-polar solvent, with a metal or metalloid oxide adsorbent in a column, and subsequently treating the oil with a bleaching earth after the solvent has been removed.