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A system, that may be portable, for purifying liquid flowing gravitationally from a source/reservoir into a purified liquid receptacle is described. The system includes a housing with a generally horizontal filtering space. More than one liquid inlet disposed at a top portion of the filter is provid ...

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A monomeric diacid derivative includes at least two fatty acids coupled by hydrolytically or enzymatically degradable bond. In a biological environment, the bond degrades forming naturally occurring fatty acid products thereby allowing elimination.

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Devices and methods for substantially reducing the caloric efficiency of the digestive tract by capturing food being digested in the stomach 10 and/or anywhere else in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, absorbing or encapsulating the captured food into multiple capturing members and moving such multip ...

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Hydrolytically degradable polymers in the form of biodegradable disposable medical devices for use in medicine and laboratories such as syringes, test tubes, catheters, tubing, trays, medical fabrics, and gloves are described. The devices are formed in whole or in part of a hydrolytically degradable ...

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The invention provides polyanhydrides with aliphatic hydrocarbon terminals having ester or amide bonds.

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A device and method for administering a bioactive agent to internal tissue in a body, by introducing a balloon in a deflated condition into the body, inflating the balloon, introducing the bioactive agent into the balloon at the time of, after, or before the inflation of the balloon, and delivering ...

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Disclosed are devices and methods for administration of charged drugs to tissues of the oral cavity and for intra-tissue administration. The disclosed drug applicator for intra-tissue use includes an introducer such as a needle or catheter that is adapted to penetrate into a living tissue. The intro ...

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Poly(ester-anhydrides) or polyesters formed from ricinoleic acid and natural fatty diacids and their method of preparation and its use for delivering bioactive agents including small drug molecules, peptides and proteins, DNA and DNA complexes with cationic lipids or polymers or nano and micropartic ...

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A novel cyclosporine formulation, which is a pro-nanodispersion at room temperature, featuring solid particles of a relatively large particle size (at least about 150 nm) and yet which is a nanodispersion at body temperature.

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A method and devices for localized delivery of a chemotherapeutic agent to solid tumors, wherein the agent does not cross the blood-brain barrier and is characterized by poor bioavailability and/or short half-lives in vivo, are described. The devices consist of reservoirs which release drug over an ...