Axel Clausen, Vladimir Oksman, Heinrich Schenk: Method and apparatus for vectored data communication. Lantiq Deutschland, Murphy Bilak & Homiller PLLC, July 15, 2014: US08780687 (35 worldwide citation)

In an embodiment, vector training signals are received. Noise affecting the training signals is evaluated, and a noise indication is thus determined.

Vladimir Oksman, Bernd Heise: Method for seamless bit rate adaptation for multicarrier DSL. Infineon Technologies, Eschweiler & Associates, April 14, 2009: US07519124 (24 worldwide citation)

A method of mitigating transmission delay fluctuations in a communication system having a variable data rate and block-oriented subsystems, such as interleavers. The method comprises interspersing dummy data with genuine data to form a combined data stream for the subsystems. When the data rate decr ...

Vladimir Oksman: Adaptive network to dynamically account for hidden nodes. Lantiq Deutschland, Eschweiler & Associates, May 25, 2010: US07724767 (15 worldwide citation)

One embodiment of the present invention relates to a network element that is configured to be associated with a network having a number of nodes. A node is configured to receive a beacon signal from a master node and at least one relayed beacon signal from at least one proxy node, where the at least ...

Vladimir Oksman, Bernd Heise: Adaptive communication systems and methods. Infineon Technologies, Eschweiler & Associates, December 8, 2009: US07630489 (9 worldwide citation)

Methods and communication systems are presented, in which impulse noise is monitored on a communication channel, and impulse noise protection parameters are adjusted according to the monitored impulse noise without interrupting communication service.

Vladimir Oksman, Axel Clausen: Methods and systems for adaptive communication. Lantiq Deutschland, Eschweiler & Associates, December 21, 2010: US07856033 (7 worldwide citation)

One embodiment relates to a method for transitioning from an initial data rate utilizing an initial transmission variable to a new data rate in a multi-carrier communication system. In the method, a first function or a second function is selected to calculate a modified transmission variable, wherei ...

Vladimir Oksman, Raphael Rahamim: Configurable multi-port modem to achieve a high bit rate in a DSL system. Broadcom, Timothy W Markison, June 22, 2004: US06754318 (6 worldwide citation)

A configurable multi-port modem includes a plurality of hybrids, a plurality of receivers, a plurality of transmitters, and a switching module. Each of the plurality of hybrids is operably coupled to provide 2 to 4 wire coupling for a corresponding one of a plurality of twisted pairs that are couple ...

Vladimir Oksman: Methods and systems for determining communication parameters. Lantiq Deutschland, Eschweiler & Associates, June 15, 2010: US07738543 (5 worldwide citation)

One embodiment of the present invention relates to a method of determining an impulse noise protection parameter in a communication system. In the method, it is determined if a first set of received data elements are corrupted so as to exceed an initial corruption threshold. It is then determined if ...

Vladimir Oksman, Raphael Rahamim: Adjustment of transmit power based on an estimated electrical length of a loop. Broadcom Corporation, Garlick Harrison & Markison, Timothy W Markison, July 4, 2006: US07072391 (5 worldwide citation)

To adjust transmit power of a DSL modem, an estimated electrical length of a loop is first determined when a 1st DSL modem at a 1st location transmits a plurality of signals to a 2nd DSL modem at a 2nd location. Each of the signals transmitted by the 1st DSL modem have a known frequency and are tran ...

Heinrich Schenk, Vladimir Oksman: FEXT estimation and signaling in vector transmission. Lantiq Deutschland, Eschweiler & Associates, February 28, 2012: US08126042 (3 worldwide citation)

Embodiments related to FEXT estimation and signaling in vectored systems are described and depicted herein.

Vladimir Oksman, Raphael Rahamim: Configurable DSL modem for high bit rates. Broadcom, Garlick Harrison & Marrison, Timothy W Markison, January 10, 2006: US06985565 (3 worldwide citation)

A method for configuring a multi-port digital subscriber line (DSL) modem, the method begins by utilizing frequency bands of a single DSL channel to support a data communication when loop length of the single DSL channel and data rate of the data communication are favorable. The method continues by ...

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