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An apparatus and method for generating a slide from a video. A slide is automatically identified in video frames of a video input stream. A digitized representation of the slide is generated based on the video frames of the video input stream.

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A graphical user interface (“GUI”) is described comprising: a video region for displaying a video of a presenter giving a presentation; a primary slide region for displaying slides used by the presenter during the presentation; and a thumbnail region containing thumbnails representing slides in the ...

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An apparatus and method for creating an animation. A sequence of video images is inspected to identify a first transformation of a scene depicted in the sequence of video images. A first image and a second image are obtained from the sequence of video images, the first image representing the scene b ...

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Generating photographs from a video. Segments of the video for which frame-to-frame background motion is less than a threshold are identified. For each of the segments, video frames in the segment are combined to generate a photograph representative of the segment.

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An apparatus and method for storing an animation. A set of keyframes created from a video is stored in an animation object. One or more values that indicate a first sequence of selected keyframes from the set of keyframes is stored in the animation object along with information for interpolating bet ...

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A method and apparatus for creating and rendering multiple-view images. A camera includes an image sensor to receive images, sampling logic to digitize the images and a processor programmed to combine the images based upon a spatial relationship between the images.

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A method and apparatus for rendering perspective views of a 3D scene. The method of the present invention includes the steps of: providing an environment map containing pixel values representing the scene; generating a scanline-coherent look-up table containing environment map indices ordered in sca ...

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An apparatus and method for linking a video and an animation. A data structure containing elements that correspond to respective frames of a first video is generated. Information that indicates an image in an animation that has been created from a second video is stored in one or more of the element ...

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An animation system employs scattered data interpolation to provide fluent animation of still images. Discontinuities, such as cuts and holes, can be established within an image, to limit the range over which interpolation is carried out for a given deformation of a feature in the image, and thereby ...

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Data may be made available to one or more participants of an online collaboration session through use of a client system that generates or otherwise captures the data to be shared, and then formats that data for use by general-purpose server resources. In one embodiment, data from the operation of a ...