Parton Denis: Artwork comprising tiles or boards releasably mounted on a wall. Parton Denis, October 14, 1998: GB2324067-A (2 worldwide citation)

The artwork comprises tiles or boards 10-21 releasably mounted on a wall 3 by means of Velcro (RTM) or magnetic fastenings 2.

Parton Denis: Electrically driven vehicle and bicycle. Parton Denis, October 29, 2003: GB2387825-A (1 worldwide citation)

A vehicle comprises road wheels which are associated with an electric generator. Typically the generator is capable of acting as a motor. Electricity is supplied without dependance upon apparatus separate from the vehicle. The vehicle is preferably an electrically driven car or bicycle 36, which is ...

Parton Denis: A dartboard. Parton Denis, November 8, 2000: GB2349584-A (1 worldwide citation)

A dartboard comprises a disc 35, having two flat surfaces (36, Figure 2) and (37). There are 18 outer circular target symbols 1 to 18,and 16 inner circular target symbols 19 to 34. The target symbols substitute or represent playing cards in standard pack,or can be used in numerical game sequences.

Parton Denis, Parton Denis: Detachable anti-contamination mail bag. Parton Denis, June 18, 2008: GB2444762-A

A mail container is disclosed for avoiding contamination comprising a plastic bag or holder 1, hand gloves 2, releasable fastenings 3 and integral seals 4. The container may be fitted detachably to a door 9 and can cover the door letterbox 7. The container may allow a person to open their mail whils ...

Parton Denis: Jigsaw holder. Parton Denis, May 5, 1999: GB2330776-A

The jigsaw holder comprises a base and two lids (1; fig 21 or 2; fig 2). The lids may slide on the base, be clipped to the base (not shown), be housed in a recessed base, or be made of stretchable cloth or card (not shown). The base may be extruded, made by a vacuum forming process or made of wood o ...

Parton Denis: Dartboard. Parton Denis, November 8, 2000: GB2349585-A

A substantially square shaped dartboard 22, has hanging means 53 and 54 and a playing area comprising a number of equally sized square target areas arranged in a square configuration. A number of alternative arrangements are disclosed. The target areas are defined by a wire grid 21, which rests in g ...

Parton Denis: Target for indicating hits in fencing. Parton Denis, October 29, 2008: GB2448674-A

A target for fencing or similar sport comprises a button or similar device which may be worn over or under the fencer's clothing. A hit detection means is included, connected to a display which shows by means of lights that a hit has been detected. The target may be touch sensitive and include a buz ...

PARTON DENIS: [en] Jigsaw puzzle holder. PARTON DENIS, July 25, 2012: GB2487343-A

[en] A jigsaw puzzle holder comprises at least two substantially identical, jigsaw piece support trays 1, 2, 3 each including engaging means 8 provided near the periphery such that the trays may be stacked one on top of the other with the engaging means in fastening engagement. When stacked, a gap i ...

Parton Denis: A jigsaw puzzle holder. Parton Denis, September 6, 2006: GB2423729-A

A jigsaw puzzle holder comprises a base with perimeter walls and one or two lids which are readily detachable from the base. The lids are further divided into two sections, which are hinged so that the lids may be folded. The base is concave or convex, and has support pads upon which the pieces are ...

Parton Denis: Wall painting tiles. Parton Denis, June 6, 2001: GB2356833-A

Tiles that can be releasably attached to a wall by Velcro (RTM) type fasteners and painted comprise a front surface 29 adhesively bonded to a rear surface 28. The space between the surfaces can be filled with sponge, cardboard or air under pressure. The tiles may interlock (Fig 2) or be butted up to ...