Min Seung Hyun, Kang Dong Hee, Kwon Hyuck, Nizar Tayem: Antenna apparatus for estimating direction of arrival and frequency of arrival and estimating method thereof, using three array antennas. Samsung Electronics, July 26, 2007: KR1020060000682

PURPOSE: An antenna apparatus for estimating a direction of arrival and a frequency of arrival and an estimating method thereof are provided to estimate the direction of arrival and the frequency of arrival by using a three-dimensional antenna array structure and to reduce operation complexity in co ...

Min Seung Hyun, Kang Dong Hee, Nizar Tayem, Kwon Hyuck Moon: Method and an apparatus for estimating a doa of a coherent source, to obtain a difference between forward/backward spatial smoothing and backward spatial smoothing covariance matrixes. Samsung Electronics, September 29, 2008: KR1020070028560

PURPOSE: A method and an apparatus for estimating a DOA(Direction of Arrival Angle) of a coherent source are provided to remove a covariance matrix of unknown noise from an array structure without affecting signal components. CONSTITUTION: An array signal is received from an antenna(210) and a forwa ...

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