Merten Helmut L, Wilder Gene R: Obtention de nitrodiarylamines a partir de derives formyles damines aromatiques et de nitrohaloarenes par admiction de certaines sels en solution aqueuse, Making nitrodiarylamines from formyl derivatives of aromatic amines and nitrohalorenes by admixing with certain aqueous salt solutions. Monsanto Company, MCFADDEN FINCHAM, May 4, 1982: CA1123014

43-51-1013A MAKING NITRODIARYLAMINES FROM FORMYL DERIVATIVES OF AROMATIC AMINES AND NITROHALOARENES BY ADMIXING WITH CERTAIN AQUEOUS SALT SOLUTIONS ABSTRACT OF DISCLOSURE Forming nitrodiarylamines by gradually admixing, atcondensation tenperature for forming a nitrodiarylamine, to amixture of the fo ...

Merten Helmut L, Wilder Gene R: Production de cyclohexylamine, Production of cyclohexylamine. Monsanto Company, MCFADDEN FINCHAM, September 25, 1984: CA1175071

43-51-6367 PRODUCT-ION OF CYCLOHEXYLAMINE ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Cyclohexylamine is produced by the catalytichydrogenation of aniline. In contact with aruthenium catalyst and in the presence of from aboutone to about 8 parts by weight of ammonia, anilineis hydrogenated under an absolute pressure ...

Bachman Gerald L, Merten Helmut L: Carbonate de calcium amorphe stabilise, Stabilized amorphous calcium carbonate. Monsanto Company, MCFADDEN FINCHAM, May 7, 1985: CA1186550

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE STABILIZED AMORPHOUS CALCIUM CARBONATE Stabilized amorphous calcium carbonate whichis useful as a carbonate factor in effervescent compositions. Process for preparing stabilized amorphouscalcium carbonate and compositiors containing stabil-ized amorphous calcium carbonate.

Baclawski Leona M, Merten Helmut L: Production de paraphenylenediamines, Process for producing paraphenylenediamine mixtures. Monsanto Company, MCFADDEN FINCHAM, August 12, 1986: CA1209587

PROCESS FOR PRODUCING PARAPHENYLENEDIAMINE MIXTURES ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Mixtures of N,N'-disubstituted paraphenylene-diamines are produced in a process wherein a nitrogen-containing compound such as 4-nitrodiphenylamine isreductively alkylated with a plurality of ketones insequence.

Wilder Gene R, Merten Helmut L: N,n-bis(1-cyclohexyl-1-ethyl)-p-phenylenediamine, et substances caoutchoutees qui en contiennent, N,n-bis(1-cyclohexyl-1-ethyl)-p-phenylenediamine, and rubber compounds containing the same. Monsanto Company, MCFADDEN FINCHAM, May 8, 1984: CA1167068

ABSTRACT Of THE DISCLOSURE N,N'-Bis(1-cyclohexyl-1-ethyl)-p-phenylenediomineis disclosed as a novel compound, useful as on antidegra-dant for organic materials, such as rubber. Vulcanizedor vulcanizable rubber compounds containing minor amountsof this compound show excellent resistance to ozoneattac ...

Merten Helmut L, Wilder Gene R: Traduction non-disponible, Making nitrodiarylamines. Monsanto Company, MCFADDEN FINCHAM, June 2, 1981: CA1102352

APPLICATION FOR LETTERS PATENT FORMAKING NITRODIARYLAMINES ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSUREPreparation of a nitrodiarylamine from a nitro-haloarene and alkali metal salt of the formyl derivative ofa primary aromatic amine is disclosed. -1-

Merten Helmut L, Wilder Gene R: N,n di(sec-alkyl)p-phenylenediamines dissymetriques et melanges de n,n-dialkyl-p-phenylenediamines, Unsymmetrical n,n-di(sec-alkyl)p-phenylenediamines and n,n-dialkyl-p-phenylenediamine mixtures. Monsanto Company, October 23, 1979: CA1064691

ABSTRACT OF DISCLOSURE Dialkyl-p-phenylenediamine compositions are describedselected from the group consisting of N-isopropyl-N'-5-methyl-3-heptyl-p-phenylenediamine, N-1,3-dimethylbutyl-N'-1,4-dimethyl-pentyl-p-phenylenediamine and mixtures comprising firstcomponent of symmetrical N,N'-di(sec-hexyl ...

Merten Helmut L, Wilder Gene R: Process for the preparation of cyclohexylamine. Monsanto, June 18, 1986: KR1019820002554

Cyclohexylamine was prepd. by hydrogenation of PhNH2 over Ru catalysist(I) in the presence of 1-8 wt. pts. NH3 per 100 wt. pts. PhNH2 under 2-5 MPa of H2-pressure at 160 - 180≦̸C. Pref. 0.02 wt. pts. of (I) is present per 100 wt. pts. aniline. Mostly (I) is supported on C and is water-wet and is ...