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This device incorporates a selection unit (20) to which the components are connected and which selects one of the components. A measurement unit (28) determines the noise from the selected component and consists of means (32, 34) which bias the selected component and process the signals supplied by ...

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An electric machine comprising the following features: (a) an outer, first stator part and an inner, second stator part, the two stator parts being coaxial and being radially spaced apart by an intermediate space; (b) each. stator part has, facing the intermediate space, a circumferential series of ...

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The invention relates to an electrical machine which is characterised by the following: (a) a first, outer stator part and a second, inner stator part, the two stator parts being coaxial and being radially set apart from each other by an intermediate space; (b) each stator part has a circumferential ...

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A method of characterizing gas flow within a housing includes: positioning one or more gas flow sensors in the housing; introducing a gas flow into the housing; using the one or more gas flow sensors to generate two or more gas flow measurements at spaced-apart locations within the housing; and reco ...

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The device has a base (1) comprising a bar (3) with a toothed part (6) cooperating with a complementary toothed part (16) of a unit (15) integrated to a gliding board. The bar has one degree of freedom and an end (7) contacting a bent part of a rotating crank (8) connected to a lever (9), so that on ...

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The tension indicator consists of slide (10) moved in front of a window (16). This is located in a label (14), which has a transparent cover (18) and a scale. At least the slide and the cover define a sealed space. The space contains the window and the part of the label carrying the scale.The connec ...

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The heel piece has a lower cavity (4), and a recoil spring (5) compressively mounted within the cavity and supportively mounted on a bar (7). The bar is connected to a sliding board, and an opening permits to insert the recoil spring in the cavity in an non compressed state. A bayonet cap (13) permi ...

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The adjustable ski binding has a rail (2) fixed to the ski and a row of teeth (5) extending parallel to the rail axis. A plate (3) carries the binding, slidably mounted on the rail and carrying a toothed lock (11) which is movable laterally of the rail to selectively fix the plate to the rail. The t ...

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Bei einer Skibremse mit Bremsarmen 12 und Betätigungsarmen 14 ist ein Pedal 16 um eine zweite Querachse 15 an den Betätigungsarmen 14 angebracht. Annähernd parallel zu den Betätigungsarmen 14 ist eine Lenkeranordnung 17 vorgesehen, die um eine dritte Querachse 18 am Pedal 16 und um eine vierte Quera ...