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An elevator door assembly (20) includes an electromagnet (30) use as part of a door coupler for coupling elevator car doors (24) to elevator hoistway doors (26). A disclosed example includes an electromagnet core (40) with a gap (50) in one of four sides of the core. The gap (50) directs and concent ...

Gregory I Rozman, Jacek F Gieras, Lubomir A Ribarov: Electric system architecture for more-electric engine accessories. Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation, Kinney & Lange P A, February 21, 2017: US09573539

An electric system and method includes a flux regulated permanent magnet generator configured to provide power for an accessory electric system. The accessory electric system includes an engine accessory and a voltage regulator. The engine accessory includes an induction motor that receives power fr ...

Gregory I Rozman, Steven J Moss, Jacek F Gieras: Sensorless control of a DC synchronous machine. HAMILTON SUNDSTRAND CORPORATION, Carlson Gaskey & Olds P C, July 24, 2018: US10033252

An assembly for operating a DC synchronous machine according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a controller that is configured to determine a position of a rotating portion utilizing a carrier signal, adjust current supply to a field winding, and monitor ...

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A method of forming a flux regulated machine includes winding stator windings into slots in an outer core. The outer core is formed to have a plurality of radially inwardly extending tooth pieces that are circumferentially spaced, and which define the slots. Further, control coils are wound around a ...

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An apparatus has a first member having an exposed peripheral surface and an electrically and thermally conductive portion. A circumferential array of magnets of alternating polarity are mounted for rotation about an axis relative to the first member inboard of the peripheral surface, the magnets bei ...

Jacek F Gieras: Starting current reduction in induction motors. Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation, Kinney & Lange P A, January 2, 2018: US09859776

A rotor of an induction motor includes a shaft, a ferromagnetic rotor core, first and second inductors axially bracketing the rotor core, and a rotor cage. The shaft extends along a stator axis, and the rotor core is disposed coaxially about the shaft. The rotor cage comprises first and second suppo ...

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An electromagnetic actuator includes a magnetic circuit that includes a stationary core having a first leg, a second leg and a connecting leg that connects the first and second legs, the stationary core being formed of a high temperature ferromagnetic material, and an armature formed of the high tem ...

Gregory I Rozman, Jacek F Gieras, Steven J Moss: Modulating current in a dual generator system. Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation, Cantor Colburn, August 26, 2014: US08816650

A dual-generator assembly includes a first generator configured to generate a first current and a second generator configured to generate a second current modulated based on harmonic current in the first current.

Jacek F Gieras, Gregory I Rozman: Packaging improvement for converter-fed transverse flux machine. Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation, Carlson Gaskey & Olds PC, November 13, 2012: US08310118

A transverse flux machine has at least three phases, each provided by a stator core and phase windings. Each of the at least three phases is captured within a common housing. Parallel lines extend from the at least three phases, and a current source converter is created on each of the parallel lines ...

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A system for transmission of power includes a clutch having a driven clutch member and a driving clutch member. The driven and driving clutch members are operatively connected to one another for common rotation in a first position with the clutch members engaged to one another and for rotation relat ...